The Great Indian Hypocrisy


Few days back Maria Sharapova’s comment about not knowing Sachin Tedulkar managed to get vehement reactions from his fans. The tennis champion was trolled down for having poor general knowledge across various social media platforms. Her fan page was flooded with all kind of wrath.

This is a proof of how much Indians respect their sport stars. They would slam down anyone who would even think of not recognizing and respecting their sport heroes. Cricket might not be at all famous in Russia or even the United States for that matter, but that does not give her the right to not recognize the Indian God of cricket, the only sport India deeply cares about.

Clearly it is okay for Indians to not know about any of the Hockey players, which is country’s national game but cricket and Sachin – what is wrong with Sharapova?

To test the love for sports and sportsmen, Being Indian, a channel on Youtube conducted a playful round of quiz. Spontaneous and random questions struck people on the roads of Mumbai, only to reveal that Indians were not only over reacting but were even proven to be hypocrites with the whole Sharapova-Tendulkar mayhem.

The questions involved surface level knowledge about sports in general. People were simply asked which sports person was associated with which game and the answers were hilarious to say the least.

Follow the link to see what really came out of the good-humored quiz:

Indians may be busy listening to Honey Singh’s new grooving numbers, unaware of the Arjuna Award or Davis Cup, or for that matter may even be ignorant to Padma Shri awards. However all are set with guns and knives to teach others a lesson if they dare not know about what Indians consider to be important.

Now this is plain hypocrisy. But Sharapova, how could you?

Ratanpriya Sharma

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