The Great Indian Yatra

Every year more than 2, 50,000 unique visitors visit this pilgrimage. Chardham Yatra is having a great importance, especially for the people of Hindu religion. Most of the people must be aware of this fact that why this yatra of Chardham is so auspicious. Especially among the Hindu religion, Chardham yatra has captured an important place and so even today thousands and thousands of people from all over the world visit this sacred site every year during the pilgrim season.

It is said that Chardham word is coined by one of the ancient Hindu philosopher and reformer, “Adi Shankaracharya”. Chardham is related with the four Hindu religious sites in the state of Uttarakhand of India. These four religious sites are Badrinath, Yamnotri, Kedarnath and Gangotri. All these four religious sites are nestled in the lap of majestic Himalayas and they are also known as the epicenter of religious act. It is said that if you are really interested in attaining total peace of body, mind and soul then you must plan to go for the tour of Chardham Yatra.

This religious tour is famous by the name of “Chota Char Dham” and it is said that every single Hindu must take a chance for this trip to visit these four religious sites anytime in their life time. Each of these religious sites is having its own importance and significance, especially in the Hindu Religion. Badrinath Dham is said to be the gateway of the Chardham Yatra. The temple of Badrinath is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Badrinath is also a very important place as it is said that Saint Adi Shankaracharya got freedom from the incarnation, particularly in this region only.  After Badrinath, when we move to Kedarnathji temple, then it is said that this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The magnificent stone temple of Kedarnathji is said to be a home to Lord Shiva. The other two religious sites related with Chota Chardham Yatra are Gangotri and Yamnotri. The importance and significance of these two religious sites are related with river Ganga and Yamuna which starts from this place only.

As per the belief of Hindu religion, it is also said that everyone should move to this chardham yatra, once in theirb life time as this very religious journey is related with the act of self realization. It is said that journey of Chardham will acknowledge you about your deeds which you have done, then this journey is also related with the blessings of almighty and finally you finish your religious tour of Chardham with an abounding peace of mind.

In olden days, this chardham yatra was very difficult as the people desire to have this Chardham Yatra starts and ends their journey by travelling on their foot only. But now with the development of great infrastructure by the Uttaranchal government, maximum facilities have been allotted to the devotees to offer their prayer comfortably and conveniently to these religious sites. You can start your journey with the reasonably priced transportation facilities amidst the beautiful environment of Uttaranchal.

Varun Srivastava