The Great Renaissance

Philosophers have been trying to find the connection between the body and the soul and exploring its limits since the Renaissance period. So the question has been debated on for centuries, and yet there seems to be no adequate explanation for the metaphysical power the mind/soul exerts over the body. We still do not know where thoughts come from; we still do n0t know why the mind exerts such power over the body and is capable of making the body do things unimaginable .
Where did humanism originate from? I wonder who started the shift of focus from an external higher power, or God, to within the individual, the soul or the mind. I admire the person who brought on this debate and made more people aware of the existence of themselves as individuals, in control of their own actions and subsequent consequences. People began to doubt the concept of their fates being predetermined, and wondered if they could actually make a mark on the world through their own actions, on their own, independent of their destiny. And the best part of that wonderment was its success at the onslaught of inventions, discoveries, and progress not just in the fields of science and technology, but also in art and culture.
If it were not for humanism, we would nott have had the eternally memorable works of Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and the likes of Newton, Galileo and Kepler. And we would still be living in the middle ages, ignorant of the endless possibilities the universe held for each and every one of us.
The thought has inspired me into trying and making a mark on the world, in my own, small, possibly insignificant way. I owe it to these founders and people who went against the rigidity of the system that held them back, at the risk of their lives, and a few poor souls who actually did end up sacrificing their lives for their beliefs in thoughts that deemed them as heretical.
Aiswarya Gopan