The Greater The Outreach, The Greater The Power

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Facebook, a term synonymous with the idea of reuniting old friends, helping us to keep up with various personalities, sharing news, images and is now, a medium to showcase the various injustices being inflicted in this oblivious world.

There are times when you want to voice out an issue, but there’s nobody to listen. However, Facebook breaks all these barriers and provides a reliable and an overwhelming platform that enables one to shout out the concerns. From the raging debate over feminism to stories of heartbreaks, from sharing the new vacation pictures to just publicizing the business, Facebook encompasses everything.

Of late, we witnessed how a badass aunty shut up two males who were discussing the lack of space provided to them as compared to the girls. A student shared the mind blowing conversation and the aunty went viral. She was a star overnight. That’s the power of Facebook; with millions of people who wouldn’t hesitate to share a thought or publicize someone else’s, it’s a ground for discussion, deliberation, and now justice.

A mother has taken her fight against a daycare centre in Gurgaon to Facebook, after her three-year-old daughter’s thumb was crushed at the daycare centre and had to be amputated. In a post that has been shared by as many as 11,000 Facebook users, it highlights the utter negligence and the real unreliable face of daycare owners.


The owners have stopped taking the calls of the concerned person, and have been avoiding the concerned parent ever since the incident. Wanting to bring justice to her daughter, the parent has been appealing people to share the post as much as possible.

And as Dumbledore puts it, “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided”, and Facebook does rely upon this motto, well, everybody does. After all, has anything ever said by Dumbledore wrong?

No one is immune to the power of social media, chiefly Facebook. It can make one a star overnight, or just leave the person with enough rebukes that they might indulge in self-harm. It is a dangerous platform, where only the brave can voice out their opinion, or maybe someone who is as naïve as KRK.

When the power of a mob is used for an act that needs justice, it takes over the internet and assures the concerned of support, making them much stronger to achieve their goal.

However, the power of media once realized, how far is it from dangerous misuse? The same portal that helps to unite against harassment is also a base for such disgusting activities. Potential stalkers breed like weeds on Facebook and there have been instances when nude pictures of female celebrities have made the rounds. The same portal that rectifies errors, is also a portal for many errors.

However, everything has some pros and cons. Hopefully, the shortcomings of Facebook wouldn’t rule over its possible virtues.

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Sources:

The Viewspaper