The Growing Corruption in India

India is a land of diversity and varied heritage, need not say, a complete world resides in this country itself. From North to South and from East to West, spanning across all spheres of the nation, there are two words that unite everyone here viz: India and Corruption. Absolutely right, every Indian at one point or the other would have witnessed the scene of corruption. Undoubtedly and shamelessly, corruption has become such an epidemic in our country that anyone who makes an attempt to eradicate this is more likely to succumb to awe and grief.

It is not hidden that there are so many pressing issues in our country like poverty, unemployment, population explosion, unhealthy and unconstructive education system, etc. But no one has ever reached to the root cause of the problem. Why despite all the development, people becoming more aware and alert, contributing more than before to the development of the nation; our nation is still facing all these issues. There is only one answer to this that the tremendous output and fruits of the development are not reaching proper hands. They are lost, in fact vanish on their way to required destinations. They are redirected to the desired destinations. This is not out of oblivion but of the greed of attaining more. This is the only reason why there is an increasing divide between rich and poor. If we have a look at the pyramid, we would realize that pyramid is restructured a lot with the base growing awkwardly; top shrinking and the middle tier dwindling. This not only imbalances the pyramid, but brings in lot of instability in the society. Not realized so easily, but this is the reason that weakens the society morally and the ones who weaken easily are the ones who first indulge in practices like corruption. Since it is an epidemic, it spreads like a wild fire. We just forget to realize that all the problems are intertwined with each other.

Currently India is facing the brunt of this epidemic like never before. Whether it is Hawala scam, fodders scam, Commonwealth controversy or 2G scam, each issue is the result of corruption. But I ask, where are the results? Are the culprits penalized? Are the people made aware of the repercussions of such incidences? NO!! Not at all. If you don’t trust me, just Google it. You will find it yourself. The names of the people involved are mentioned openly and the irony is people are also roaming openly. No one has ever dared to catch those hands red handed and bring it to the notice of the public. And if somebody did so, those cases are still pending in one or the other courts, the files are embracing dust in some corner of the offices. They have just added to the count of unsolved cases. Suresh Kalmadi, president of Athletics Federation of India, accused of misappropriating $10 billion allotted for hosting Commonwealth Games 2010 has not been given any decision.

Even if he is not the culprit, catch the right person and take action. Or is it so the people involved include those faces of country that we can’t afford to unfurl. It has become the need of the hour to take quick actions and decisions rather than procrastinating the issues and give time to culprits to mishandle the evidences.

I wonder why issues like these are lost in the air after some time of media hype and revelations. I guess, they too become victims of the same epidemic. Media is to play a very important role in such incidences which it definitely shrugs from. People are becoming aware but with such a huge population it becomes responsibility of those individuals who can bring these masses together on issues of corruption. How can corruption go when you give a sixth pay commission along with so much of inflation? How can you set people corruption free when representatives of nation are corrupted? What are we doing at the end, just making a country, for our future generations, whose pillars are not democracy and secularism but corruption and corruption. It gives me an electrifying effect to read in nationals that India is 3rd on Global Power Index. (with corruption at its peak). And it gives me a beautiful thought that it’s not really tough to be on No 1 with the formula = India – Corruption.

Karanvir Gupta

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