The Hidden truth on About India’s Freedom Movement

Lord Attlee, the Viceroy of India during his interview revealed some of the shocking truths regarding Indian Independence movement. When Lord Attlee was asked about the extent to which the British decision to quit India was influenced by Gandhiji’s activities, he slowly uttered with his lips parted in a smile of disdain and putting emphasis on each letter said-“M-i-n-i-m-a-l”.Mr. Attlee cited several reasons why they left India, the most important of which were the activities of Netaji Subhaschandra Bose which that had weakened the very foundation of the attachment of the Indian land and the Naval forces of the British Government.

Undoubtedly, Mohandas Gandhi was a man of discipline. His integrity cannot be questioned and was a true patriot. But I can smell some kind of nepotism to his followers because of his inaction to Bhagat Singh’s death case who was against his words. Even though Gandhi ji was in nonnot in -agreement with the ideology and methodology of Bhagath Singh he could have saved his life based on the ground that his patriotism was unquestionable.

Some of the Gandhian thoughts are unrealistic and cannot be accepted. I think it is upto the people of India as to whom they call “Mahatma”. The real heroes of the India’s freedom struggle can be attributed to Netaji Subhas Chandra bose Bose and Bhagat Singh and their related membersthose related to them in the struggle for freedom. India’s Independece was evident even though the Gandhian movement were was not active as the condition was favourable for the British Government to hand over the same to Indians because of their huge losses which they incurred from during the second world warSecond World War.

Akshay Malgi