The Indian Story

IndiaIndia, the largest democracy of the world, has been an enigma, a mystery, and a miracle for most parts of the globe. Despite its abounding pluralities, diversities and roadblocks in all dimensions, India today is acknowledged as a world power.

Jawaharlal Nehru said, “There are repeated periods of decay and disruption in the life of every civilization. There had been such periods in Indian history previously, but India had survived then and rejuvenated herself afresh sometimes retiring into her shell for a while and emerging again with fresh vigor. There always remained a dynamic core which could renew itself, something different from the past and yet intimately connected with it”.

It is this dynamic core, which has been a constant companion in the tumultuous journey since 1947, motivating the people to overcome all turmoil’s and tribulations.

From the August of 1947 till date India has done commendable work in the sphere of promoting world peace. She has stood firm on the belief that ‘ahimsa’ (non-violence) is synonymous to prosperity. We were pioneers of the NAM, better known as the non-aligned movement. India is the cradle of the oldest civilizations with a kaleidoscope of rich cultural heritage. Today, this country is proud to be the tenth most industrialized country in the world and the sixth nation to have gone into the outer space. India has made notable progress in the area of education, socio-economic development, health and economy in the short span of 60 years after over 200 years of colonial past.

India plays a key role in the IT sector. India’s achievements in the field of technology like satellite launch vehicles, geostationary orbits, peaceful uses of nuclear energy and super computing have been praiseworthy.

And yet, it is extremely important not to forget the other India, the India of the homeless, starving children, the India with a highly skewed sex ratio, the India of high rates of crime against women, the India of caste based prejudices, in short, the India which still has a long way to go before it is truly a great nation.

The fabulous magnificence of this country has been that we are determined to forge ahead and at the same time, not give up on the problems that confront us. We accept them and realize that they are as much a part of us as any of our achievements and this is what makes us a nation of holistic individuals ready to take on any trial or tribulation. In our 61st year as a free country, let us pledge to unite these two very different India’s and create a vibrant nation where values like equality and secularism are truly upheld in all their glorious shades.

Uttara Balakrishnan