The Indo-US nonsensical deal

The breathless frenzy whipped up by the media with reference to the on-going Indo-Us nuclear deal constantly reminds me of a line from Shakespeare’s Macbeth “….all sound and fury signifying nothing..” the ruling government is going all out to convince people just how historic an occasion it is with Dr. Manmohan Singh hailing it as “momentous decision” taken by the NSG and how the 34 years of Nuclear ostracism is finally demolished paving the way for India to become a part of an elite powerhouse club. I earnestly hope they never become entirely successful in blinding us from the real grisly picture, there are still a number of unanswered questions and inexplicable conditions which require proper clarification. No one can really guess at this juncture exactly what had the government compromised in those three days of grueling deliberations behind closed doors, which curiously enough made china come to terms as well!!! What we do know for sure is that the NSG has quite shrewdly entrapped India into the ambit of imminent Non- Proliferation, and it is only a matter of time before we are reduced to absolute hapless puppets.

The monstrous amounts of money being coughed up just to see this deal through, is quite alarming, when we consider the fact that there is hardly any investment of such proportions to tap other alternative sources of energy like wind, water and sun. They are wallowing unutilized. The cost of producing electricity from them will be much lower than harnessing electric power from uranium. The cost of imported uranium is obscene to put it mildly and the least cost-effective in terms of power generation. True the quality of indigenous uranium leaves much to be desired, but efforts are on develop thorium, a substitute of uranium. By the time this civilian nuclear trade agreement is actually operationalized, it will be well past 2020, around which time our technology will have developed enough to competently exploit thorium in collaboration with other renewable sources to meet the projected demands of power. I find it quite intriguing when I ponder over the term Indo-US nuclear deal. To the best of my knowledge, U.S. has a paltry 4 percent of world uranium reserves when compared to Australia, which constitutes for about 40 percent of the same. And Australian is country, which had refused to oblige by the NSG waiver for India. Make no mistake, this celebrated pact does not in actuality guarantee consistent nuclear and fuel supply, it is not binding on the members to conduct nuclear trade with India, it really depends on their whims and fancies.

Therefore, let’s not get fooled by such misleading rhetoric doing the rounds in the media. At the end of the day, it only boils down to a covert election strategy. The government might just be able to appease its vote banks by ensuring 100 percent rural electrification in the coming future by harnessing nuclear power, but the long term consequences of such a deal is very damaging, when we take into account the destructive nature of so sensitive a material as uranium, after all its not so easy to wipe out the disturbing memories of Chernobyl.

Sneha Bruha

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