The Initiative Jitters

Teacher harassing you to take up debating as an extra curricular? Boss emphasizing and obliquely suggesting the need for a ‘change’? Tired of having your parents rant about your secluded nature? Well, fret no more! This is commonplace for everyone; your state is best defined as ‘Initiative Blues’.

It is symptomatic of anyone who dreams of making it big – performance jitters are a part and parcel of having to cope with an extremely spontaneous environment. Sometimes, it is highly stressful to be put into a position demanding singular handling and theatrical skills. Being pushed into a corner, if I may say so, is highly tasking for one and demands an extraordinary demeanor proving self confidence and ‘a mighty heart’; even if you know peanuts about your assignments. Instead of imagining yourself as a cartoon pulling your hair as you bolt out of the room shrieking, have faith in the fact that your subconscious mind will come to a rather astonishing yet rewarding rescue. Herein lays the answer and the mantra – your level of being unprepared can actually prove to be the truest measure of your brain power. It is only when you are positioned at a spot where your only escape is by providing formidable solutions to have an impact do you realize that years of experience and learning are not quite all that you need. What you do need is, of course, the spur-of-the-moment wit and straightforwardness coupled with a bold confidence level that is neither derogatory nor seemingly put on.

I can even today recall the interviews I gave at my undergraduate level. I remember keeping my cool and being in my element while answering some of the most deliberately intimidating questions. The point I am driving at is, that the sheer knowledge of what is coming your way – by the way of a presentation or an interview – is only catalyst to form expectations. However, it is not responsible for allowing you to shine through and through in your best form. Your initiative is what matters; you need to turn the tables my friend and provide for a platform wherein your opinion is clearly showcased. To not let your creativity be overshadowed by your pre-performance blues is what you need to work on ultimately.

So next time you are called in by your teacher, boss or parents for a thorough interrogation, do not let them see the sweaty palms or hear that nervous heartbeat of yours. Instead, whip your jitters to a halt and show the genuine tiger in you.

Everyone can be a go-getter. Go on, take the initiative.

Ankita Kanwar

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