The Israel-Gaza Conflict

A conflict spanning a century, with nearly ten thousand causalities. A conflict which shows no signs of dying down in the near future. At a time when our newspapers are flooded with articles on the Satyam fraud and its obvious impact on the revival of our promising economy, we have overlooked a bubbling inferno, not 4000 km to our West.


The recently commenced Israel-Gaza Conflict is a fatal blow to our already crippled world. On the fated day of 27th December, 2008, an Israeli military offensive was launched in the Gaza Strip. The fragile truce between Hamas and Israel ended with Israeli Defense Forces launching a campaign codenamed “Cast Lead”, targeting the members and infrastructure of Hamas. This was merely the boiling over of the severe tensions that have gripped this region for the past few years. The war continues with both sides, disregarding the UN Resolution calling for a ceasefire and stating that they will fight to the death.


Another war added to the long list already fought in this area. And it all stems from mankind’s insatiable greed for power and control. For as far as I can remember, this animosity between the Jews and Arabs is all about who has control over what land in the strip at the edge of the Western Arabian Peninsula. A 1947 UN approved two nation partition was rejected by the Arabs, because they wanted full control of the land. This was followed by a series of political and military offensives against Israel. However, the Arab League grossly underestimated their opponents.


The Jews have had a long history of suffering; right from the time of the Egyptian Civilization up to the World War II. And they have always pulled themselves together without much external help. Israel, mindful of this history, has built probably the most powerful defense forces in the World, the extent of which is not fully known. They have always exhibited a disregard to external interference and have gone their own way. Thus, by 2002, the Arabs were ready to establish the previously mentioned UN borders. By now, the Israeli agenda had changed too. Two peace summits and heavy external pressure from the UN, USA and EU have not been able to budge either Israel or Palestine.


So it all comes down to Power with no party willing to back down. How do you stop two trains from a head on collision? The obvious answer is a force so powerful as to override both the trains and bring them to a stop. In the past, this force might have been the UN or the USA, but in this case, the UN’s power has been undermined since the very beginning.


If we widen our view, we will see that there has been an increasing disregard for the UN’s authority in a number of cases. Maybe what worked in 1945 is no longer valid in today’s rapidly changing global atmosphere. Perhaps we really need to stop the Arab-Israel conflict from blowing to world war proportions in a new world order.


I know it is much easier said than done, but the tides are changing and the global reins are no longer in the hands of the West. Conflicts around the world are increasing at alarming rates and might soon get out of hand. I think this strongly calls for a rethink of world administration and governance. Ignoring such a problem might lead to the beginning of the end.


Anita Dhillon

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