The Johars Have Come A Long Way, But Have Us Swooning Nonetheless


Okay, let us be brutally honest here, and without any political agenda or Aman ki Asha, but lots of bhalobaasha — Fawad Afzal Khan is the best thing that happened to our hormones. Admit it ladies, he makes pre-menstrual syndrome hassle-free, oh-those-eyes. The man can romance a chair! And in his latest flick Kapoor and Sons, he has challenged his own self by (spoiler alert) romancing a man. Well, he has been lauded for his effortless portrayal of a homosexual man, but this one is not just about him. Eh, we get carried away sometimes. Sheesh!

We are talking Dharma here — Dharma Productions, the very same production house that gave us our uber-cool-chick-magnet Rahul. Now, Rahul was an easy-going lad who we ferociously fell in love with. Thanks to Shah Rukh Khan and his ability to charm women gracefully. Today SRK has switched to a different genre, but we miss the man we first fell in love with. So, over quirky friendship bands, college romances, lovelorn dancing in the rain and opulent weddings high-on-drama, we became incalculably hooked to the Johar school of filmmaking. It was all about loving your sappy and ridiculously-rich family.


So while some of hated love stories, Rani Mukherjee’s shorts and Kajol’s bubblier-than-bubble-gum personality made others sigh, kuch kuch hua tha. We said kabhi alvida na kehna to our friends from school, hoping against hope that our dostana survives time. And it did, we traversed more than just 2 states to wake up Sid!

What I intend to say is that Dharma Productions has evolved over the years and it is palpable in the films. Karan Johar has moved away from extravagant dance ceremonials to sloppy kisses in the dark, from mawkish parental drama to relatable bickering in picturesque Coonoor.

In his recent venture, he has described an imperfect family in the most perfect way. Johar has caramelised his characters with poise, leaving it to the viewer to peel off the many layers of a flawed household. From a scion’s helicopter landing and impromptu dance sequences in make-believe sets (that was definitely not Chandni Chowk, mister), to the chaos and confusion in a middle class family, Dharma has come a long way.

Its stories are more stoic and touchy than what they used to be. Well, of course the actors have changed — Fawad and Sidharth have become the newest eye candies; the emotions have remained integral.

It was about loving your family then, and more than a decade later, it is still about loving your (err, slightly more real, broken and weird) family.

Prerna Mittra

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