The Journey of Love

Adam-Eve, Veer-Zara, Edward-Bella, from time immemorial, have intrigued us with their unbelievable existence, charmed us with their eternal beauty and left us speechless, motionless with their intensity and solemnity. From extraordinary epics, to heavy hearted romantic movies, to thrilling fiction novels, these irresistibly compelling love sagas have been powerful enough to influence and inspire young naive minds, to accept and believe in the sanctity of True Love. Love which knows no bounds, no circumstantial realities, Love which is unbiased, unconditional, irrevocably strong and Love which lasts for eternity and even beyond that, far and wide. These couples are believed to have descended to the face of earth naturally and normally through the same biological process as each one of us has, but with a latent streak of divinity, power and strength. A streak which is forceful enough to fight against the cruelties of circumstances, barriers of distance and time and foul plays of destiny, a streak intense enough to keep them intact, static and bounded as two bodies and a single soul.

But that was then. Does an innocent Veer, still sacrifice twenty two years of his life behind bars for Zara in return for contemptuous treatment and loss of his own identity? Can Bella still choose to partake in the ’kiss of death’over losing Edward forever, knowing that she is risking her life gravely?  What is our answer to the validity of these sagas to the present day modernised and globalised scenario? A scenario where career paths and financial independence have given a backseat to relationships, a scenario where ideals like patience and commitment are invisible, a scenario where life offers many choices and no compulsions, a scenario where I matters more than We?

As we traverse our path from the era of high held ideals, enclosures, social and personal commitments, to the era of globalisation, awareness, and independence (financial and social) we are no longer that naive or sentimentally weak to not move with the speed of Life, to not comfort ourselves and our circumstances before we try to comfort our partner, to subdue our egos in front of the delicate ties of our relationships. Each one wants to fit our relationships in the complexities of our career, our social lives, our intricate family ties, in short our own comfort zones.

This takes the toll on the delicacy of the beautiful bond, once tied carefully between two individuals. Even if a successful relationship materialises into the institution of marriage, it risks its sanctity on the sharp and unforeseen edges of a present day marital life. Adjustment problems (both with the spouse and his/her family), financial instability, sexual incompatibility, increased social and financial independence among women, lack of patience and commitment (which were once the strong pillars of the relationship) and most importantly communication gap due to the workaholic environment of urban Indian household, ensuing in dissatisfaction among the couple, instigate the sacred marriage into a grim divorce.

Divorce rate in India, especially in urban areas, is increasing with leaps and bounds. If unchecked, our land could turn into a barren field with endless weeds, uprooted trees and dried smelly flowers. The awareness of the importance of living in a close knit healthy family is the probable solution to address this critical issue.

Well, even if the experience of a relationship has changed over time, even if we have started taking relationships as financial transactions, even if our perceptions have been broadened and refined now, we still remain humans, humans with feelings, emotions, craving for love and care, longing for a support system and need for a soul mate. No matter how much pragmatic time and generation turns us, The Gen Z must realize that True Love whether Aaj or Kal is The Lord’s Power – unflinching, unstoppable and unbeatable!

Nikita Dhingra