The Kargil War

A few years back on July 26, the whole nation had stood behind the great Indian Armed Forces but now, it seems that these young men, who gave their life for us in conditions considered to be unsuitable for human survival, have been forgotten. Their families that got enormous support when the war was on are now fighting each battle of life unsupported.

India was busy celebrating the then prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s successful Lahore visit. Pakistan was busy putting its pawns in place for war with India. The battleground was high, the terrain was inhospitable, and the task was tough. But the Indian soldiers’ resolve was stronger, and Pakistan finally had to concede defeat

And it has been nine years since our pride was restored, because July 26 is Vijay Divas, the day we celebrate our victory in the Kargil War. It is the day the Indian soldiers helped us hold our head high. The war took place between May 8, when Pakistani forces and Kashmiri militants were detected atop the Kargil ridges, and July 14, when both sides had essentially ceased their military operations. It is believed that the planning for the operation, by Pakistan, may have occurred about as early as the autumn of 1998. Though Indian forces initially suffered some losses, they were able to gain control of various heights very quickly. The Pakistanis were surrounded from all sides. Despite fighting uphill, the brave Indian officers and jawans cut through the Pakistani barricades.

Kargil has lessons for both, India and Pakistan.

The lesson for Pakistan is that it must understand that dialogue is the best course for sorting out mutual problems between the two countries. Pakistan should make honest efforts to ensure that a General doesn’t take steps which sabotage the peace process. The former Pakistani Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif said that he had learnt about the Kargil misadventure from the Indian Prime Minister.

India ‘s policy of peace has earned her recognition from world over, yet she must not take defence preparedness for granted. The experience in Kargil is also seen as an intelligence failure and negligence. India must make sure that such lapses don’t happen in future and every measure should be taken to make our intelligence system more powerful.

It seems that we have now forgotten the unsung heroes of our motherland, something which is verified with the scant media coverage of this event, and the directive to keep the celebrations low key.

Rishabh Srivastava


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