The Kill

Falling in love is very easy, but having the courage to let them love you back is what requires courage. In today’s world love has limits and Shakespeare’s saying, “true love is that which never changes” does not seem completely justified. To say that love adapts and moulds itself wouldn’t be wrong.

Here is a story that brought hesitation, apprehension, love, hatred…and more. It may seem like any other story, but if one goes on to analyse then one would see the idiosyncrasies of these characters, which would take you to the misted depths. It is hurt and pain, which touches everyone.

Megan and Alan weaved a chronicle of irresistible fondness, odium and anguish. A tale of two companions who brought out the best in one another and the worst… The story of creation and destruction… Cascades of crushing love swathed in flames of abhorrence and trepidation.

Megan was a personal assistant to the most renowned lawyer. The Pixon group had established itself over a span of 48 years. Its roots were deep; from ministers to mafia all were the limbs of this giant whose brain was Mr. Preston Bausham and Megan was his working arm. She had toiled hard; no proms or homecoming; no celebrations of victories or anniversaries had ever divulged her. She was a woman with strong ambitions and now she was in a position where people could kill to reach. She had graduated with offers pouring in; who would not want her. She had set the record in the history of Harvard and was the most adept as the editor of law review; who had never acquired a student as an editorial asset.
“Get the corporate department to outline the details of the acquisition by the end of this hour and fix a meeting with the Drakes’, roared Bausham. Shaken out of her unconscious Megan concentrated.

Drakes’ had made a sudden appearance as a law firm and was now gaining momentum. Megan trusted her instincts that Bausham would go for the kill and the Drakes’ would go down in pain. She had long understood that Preston Bausham was not one who would be meddled with and forgiven.

He would crush his opponent. Megan had called in a few resources. She had got information. She had her ways and charms. Alan Drake, chairman of Drakes’ & Co. had just thrown out an employee on grounds of espionage; who had a 2% hold in the firms’ share. Her source had just revealed that Alan Drake was holding 15% of the share block. If only she could get another 6% block then that would not only place Bausham on the Board of Directors but would also make him the chairman; with a 16% hold. Bausham already owned an 8% block. She had to pull a few strings and another 2% was added to the 8%. Drake was a fool to throw out employees with a hold on the company stocks, she thought. She had also just become aware that there was an inconspicuous financial paucity in the firm and she well knew how to turn the situation to their advantage. Being a private law firm Drakes’ also had something that Baushams’ did not. Family disputes. Alans’ sister; after the death of their parents’ in a plane crash had started squandering and was in need of some free cash. She held 6% of the stocks. Alan had invested in Government fighter jets commercialization for bringing in revenue to the firm. He was expecting the tender to be opened in their name.

Megan called the Senator of the house and blocked the tender for some time. Suzane, Alans’ sister was getting restless and couldn’t wait for the tender to open; at the same time Megan was pushing Suzane to sell her power of attorney and stock ownership rights to Bausham. Suzane relented placing the stocks as well as the board of directors at the disposal of Baushams’.
Alan had been watching all this closely. He had been admiring Megans’ skill. But there was something that prevented him from crossing her line. Was it her connection with the mafias’ and ministers’ or was it his inclination to know her better. He did not know.

Megan on working in close proximity with Alan had taken a liking to him. Both had taken to the softer line; Megan as the CEO of the new firm that was formed with the collaboration of the Baushams’ and the Drakes’ and Alan as the Co-director.  This she knew was against her work ethics.

But now there was no stopping.

Over the year they had accommodated each other as a part of their lives. But now something had changed. It had grown from inextinguishable passion to obsession that strangled lives at both ends.

The final blow came four months down the line. The topic came up out of the blue. Off late Alan had been coaxing Megan to stay away from Preston. He felt that the old man was getting too close to her. Megan was ambushed at the thought but still dismissed it. Alan had been calling up at odd hours; during meetings; conferences and seminars. He wished Megan to tell him every discussion she had. He now doubted her close associate and confidante Christie to be telling tales about his past relations. The final nail in the coffin where lay dead their ardour was when he threatened her with his life. He had asked her out for dinner but she refused as she had a conference to attend. He said, “I am doing this because I don’t want to lose you Anna.” “I am not Anna” shouted Megan. She was taken aback. One moment he was gently asking her approval and next he was pounding like an animal. “You are not Anna. You killed my Anna. I will kill you. No, I will kill myself. You will die…you will die Anna…”

Megan was stunned. She was terribly scared when she ran out and slammed the door shut. She was pale. Her face drained of all blood. She slumped against the wall. Her heart throbbing in her head; her rib cage would burst she felt.

It was all dizzy now. Alan had been in  rehab for five years now. But Megan could never forget those red eyes that had looked into hers’. She was kicked in the teeth when Megan was contacted by Suzane; who told her that Alan had been in psychiatric care for six months when their parents had died and soon after Anna was killed for which Alan blamed himself. He was prescribed medication. But when he joined the firm he had stopped taking his medication and going for therapy. Alan had once told her that since he met Megan he no longer felt the need to take those pills. She was his cure.

But his body and brain did not accept this change. He suffered a seizure, which explained all his actions. She no longer felt anything for him. It was five years now.

Drakes’ were swept out with Alan in rehab and Suzane married. Bausham had suffered a heavy set back during the mafia shuffle. The two companies or the two legends had both come to an end or in Preston’s’ term both were killed.