The Known Secret

If there is population explosion and resource limitation, they would build houses on Mars and buy land on the moon. If there is land submergence and rising water levels, they would make floating cities. If I were having a weak heart that could give up pumping any moment, they would come up with a thing as heart transplant. If I had a broken limb, they would give me a thing called an artificial hand for supplementation. Today, technology has gone so up that impossibility has become an incongruous, irrelevant word. Blatantly not out of the blue, our future would witness flying cars like the Jetsons, walking on water, well defined cities and communities in water, a pathway to the heavens, Life after Death, Devices that could trace presence of God and various bizarre things which seem to be miracles at present. Humans would find a way out to everything. All the enigmatic unanswered mysteries would be in black and white then. Technology sees no boundary. The so called “fastest technology” today would become obsolete and be discarded in just a single blink of the eye. The growing needs and desires pave the way for more and more discoveries and the innovative minds of each individual work out to quench their thirst for these needs, bringing out more and more of the weirdest things into reality which we did not even happen to dream of in our recent past. The technology is so dynamic today that it changes innumerable times in a short period of time and humans could reap in more and more benefits from that. It is a never ending process of providing maximum against minimum.

Law of Attraction is one of the eminent scientific discoveries that holds wonders if applied. It was laid down by the New Thought Writers. The law claims that one could capture ones future just by ones thoughts. It states a man’s thoughts and feelings dictate his/her fate. Every thought has energy that attracts what a person is thinking of. It just requires four steps to follow.

1) One should know exactly what one wants.
2) Ask the universe for the want.
3) Feel, behave and act as if the object I desire for is mine and I own it.
4) Be open to receive it.

You follow these four steps and a profound thought of anything would bring that as an upshot, be it sooner or later. Essentially, if you really want something and believe that it’s possible, you will get it. However, putting a lot of attention and thought onto something you do not want means you will probably get that too. This theory is based on quantum physics. It states a positive expression or gesture or thought creates positive energy which reflects with the positive energy of the cosmos and the upshot is also positive. It means if I think good, good will happen. And if I think bad thoughts, the culmination would be bad. NO, NEVER, NOT are negative implications and generate negative energy around you in the cosmos. If I want peace I should be thinking of PEACE and if I think of NO TERRORISM, it would create negative energy and hence, no peace would eventually turn up. The theory has been proved with several evidences in the movie THE SECRET and various world renowned physicists, psychologists, theologists and philosophers favour this view. The movie shows with evidence how biggest illness cases can be cured just by a powerful thought, on process. And it is not a miracle, it is a reality scientifically proved and observed.

You just need a thought in your own mind to bring a change and a revolution in the whole cosmos. Your destiny is destined not by chance but by thought. Your thought has the power to change your milieu and the whole of you. Think positive and you would have a powerful positivity force cocooning you throughout. Think Big and believe in them and you would witness wonders happening with you. It sounds a bit absurd, doesn’t it? No wonder, as I said earlier, science and technology makes the weirdest of things possible and impossibility reflects no meaning in its dictionary. Science in itself is a miracle. At last, in the words of Lisa Nichols, I would like to conclude by saying “What you think about, you bring about.” Your thought creates your destiny. So continue to think big and positive and lead a prosperous happy living throughout.


Silky Agarwal