The Lady Who Danced My Heart Away

I went to Ruby Tuesday earlier today with a couple of my friends, who wanted to guzzle in some alcohol into their systems. Since I’m off alcohol since some time, I tried a variety of ice-cream colas, while the guys had beer and vodka.

I love Ruby Tuesday over here in Chandigarh, and I sit there for hours usually when I go there. The decor, ambience, music, and not to mention, the food is especially nice, and really appealing to me. I even know the manager there now well enough now to get a special booth anytime I go there.

Today, something strange happened, that left me thinking. A lady, in her early 40s, very immaculately dressed in a brown top, black trousers and a lovely black and grey stole, a lovely flower print handbag, and with hair left open walked came into RT. She must have been a really pretty lady in her youth, and still had the elanélan to carry it off wonderfully well. However, the moment she stepped in, she kept her handbag on a stool, and her scarf beside it, and started jiving to theis music that was playing. It was an old song, “Brother Louie”. And she did it wonderfully, well, with no inhibitions at all. And this space on the floor is right next to where we were sitting. So we had a perfect view of it all.

We were shocked initially, but then the manager immediately came to us and told us that she was like this only, and has been so for so many years. How she comes to so many restaurants, eats a little, pays the bill, dances, and then goes away all smiles and laughs.

And at that time, I saw that smile on her face. She was happy. HAPPY. And I don’t mean “Happy to meet you”, or “Yes, I am a happy person.” But really really HAPPY. She was at that perfect juncture, where she could still manage herself well, earn and spend money as she liked, and dance where she wanted.

I have always thought that I am a kind of person who doesn’t care what people think. But there are still so many things I wouldn’t do. But this lady, she showed me something today, that I think I will never forget in my life. She taught me, that actions speak better than words. That she was happy. That being happy is not about money or anything, but about being at peace with yourself.

I envy that lady. I really do. Not in a negative manner. But that I’m a fan of hers for life now. To dance where she wants. To laugh how she wants. To live the way she wants.

Suddenly, Friedrich Nietschze shouts out loudly, and NOW crystal clearly:
“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

Dance. Laugh. Live on, Lady.