The Language of Roses

When was the last time; you gifted a fresh bouquet of roses to a friend or someone special. You didn’t have to think much and you chose a very common yet very elegant option of red rose. Since time immemorial, roses have been associated with the expression of love, compassion and desires unspoken. And there is yet another fascinating aspect to it that the colors of the petals are associated to various feelings according to English culture. Romancing key notes are spread by the red roses which are gifted and appreciated in large numbers on special occasions like the Valentines Day and friendships day.

Beyond love there are feelings like courage and respect, passion,” job well done” and congratulations depicted by the Omni flourishing red roses. Whereas the unconscious beauty is depicted by dark red roses and deep burgundy ones. The senses of purity innocence, silence, secrecy, heavenly and happy love are denoted by white roses. If a person had to say “I am worthy of you” to someone special then white roses again are the option. A combination of white and red roses signifies unity and feelings of togetherness. Feelings of appreciation, grace, admiration, gentleness, joy, gladness and perfect happiness are depicted by pink roses which also convey a message of “thank you” or “please believe me”. Sympathy can be expressed by light pink roses. Next in the pallet are the yellow roses which convey a promise of a new beginning, a welcome back, “remember me” or “I care”. These also express joy gladness and friendship. If you are falling in love with someone then yellow roses with red tips are the pick for you. A combination of red and yellow roses signifies happiness and jovial feelings.

The closing of a deal need not be a very routine task to impart this sense peach colored roses are the option, which also stand for modesty, appreciation, sincerity and gratitude. “Let’s get together” is yet another compassionate phrase of reunion shown by peach roses. The feelings of desire are coronate by coral colored roses. The senses of purity feelings of enthusiasm, fascination and desire are expressed by orange roses.

We all have been struck by “Love at first sight” at one or the other point in our teenager’s years the lavender (my personal favorite) and thorn less roses are meant for such feelings.

There are other grave feelings like death and farewell shown by black roses. The feelings of “unattainable” or “impossible” are shown by blue roses. The rose buds too have there own importance, with the red rose buds being symbolic of purity and loveliness and white rose buds signify girlhood.

If you are too confused even now by the color selection scheme then the good old rule is to gift roses in a single color which signify simplicity and gratitude. So the next time you stop to buy roses on a florist shop make sure you choose the true colors of your feelings.

Akriti Rastogi
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