The Largest Stadiums in the World!

  1. Rungrado May Day Stadium(150,000 capacity) is situated in North Korea. It was built in 1989. It can seat a staggering number of 150,000 people! Resembling a blossom flower, it has 16 arches arranged in a ring! In 1995, an incredible 190,000 people crammed in for a professional wresting event!
  2.  The Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata, also known as the ‘Yuva Bharati Kirangan Stadium’ boasts a capacity of 120,000 people! It is used for athletics and football primarily!
  3. The Azteca Stadium located in Mexico City is the third largest stadium in the World! It has a seating capacity of about 114,645 people. It is mainly used for Football!
  4. The Michigan Stadium, nicknamed the ‘Big House’ is the American Football Sadium for the University of Michigan! Its seating capacity is almost 107,250 people!
  5. Beaver Stadium is located in Pennsylvania State University! It was recently expanded to have a total seating capacity of about 107,202
  6. Journalista Mario Filho is a soccer stadium in Rio de Janerio, Brazil! Its capacity is around103,000
  7. The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) has the staggering capacity of seating 100,000 Cricket fans at a time.