The Last Will of the Tiger

When you have stolen my skin from my entity
And removed the roar from my life
O hunter wield that skinning knife
with a little grace some skill
I too have hunted and killed
many many times
but every kill
was a prayer in praise of the creator
my movements were always quick, clean, merciful
such is the way of true believers


But do you now skinner slice slash and cut clean
I pray only that you leave no part of me behind
to be eaten by hyena and the jackal
for I have rules this forest on the behalf of the creator himself
and there is no honor in a king becoming carrion


So send the sacred color from my coat
back to the maker of the sunsets
return the darkness of my stripes
to the shadows of the underground
for that is where it was obtained
send the white from the fur of my belly
back to the new ice age
that it return to my maker
that he fills the universe with my rage
at this shabby end for a true king
ordained by god himself


Send my claws to the young of the highborn
to save them from their own nightmares
send my bones to China so they find a cure
for the fear that builds such great walls
send my teeth to Tibet
that their aspirations for freedom find new teeth
send my fat to Singapore
that they learn to make a balm
that is mine not only by name
send my shit to the alchemists
for this is the only substance they have not yet tried
send my entrails to whoever shall take them
but hang on to my eyes you puny murderer
that your tribe might know
that you did not kill a creature beneath you
that I looked you in the eye and did not flinch when you shot me


Instead I am turned away
from the cancer of your footprint


Amit Dahiyabadshah