The leaders of India

India – the world’s largest democracy… 60 years, since the dream of a secular, independent, democratic republic came into being and it is perhaps of supreme importance that as we look back at what we have accomplished and look hopefully forward at a prosperous future, that we look at the men and women who lead this nation of billions. The handful few, who we trust upon, chose from us, by us and they are one of us. “Long ago we made a tryst with destiny…” but in fact the captains of the very ship that we started this ‘tryst ‘ have perhaps abandoned the ship and let us sail unmanned through a ravaging sea of political and communal disturbance, economic discrepancies and a growing threat from war and conflict.

Has the modern politician turned from the path that was once paved in stone by our great freedom fighters and leaders? Do we have to hunt for another Gandhi or another Sardar Vallabhai Patel among the commons? Gone are the days , when the khadi was worn as a mark of national honour, a detachment form the “angrezi kapda” , today it is a uniform of a politician, not an Indian. Politics in India has seen several downfalls throughout its short hex decadal history, but it seems today it still seems to get into newer nadirs. Today political tact seems to be synonymous with being able to spot what is at fault and to be able to hoodwink the public.

Another general trend that seems quite remarkable is the growing incumbency when it comes to new politicians and parliament elects. The number of children of ex- or current leaders that are taking up politics as their profession and it seems that pedigree seems a major qualification for the choice of leaders by the people. Hardly is anyone concerned that this incumbency actually aids in politicians slacking at their jobs and making them very complacent. Today politicians are more or less people who are either not very qualified to be in other professions or people who have joined it for personal gain.

One of the major prerequisites for some one to be a good politician is to be a selfless human, a man of the people. Someone who wishes to change the wrongs in this world. To work for the betterment of humanity. Save a very small section of the large population of politicians. This quality seems almost negligible in others. But the few who do make a difference are certainly a pleasant change from the overall dismal picture.

Perhaps one major cause for such a malignant state of politics in India is the lack of level headed intellectuals as politicians. We need more graduates to turn to politics. Politics should seize being the last refuge of a scoundrel and should once again become the first step of a patriot. If parents could once again encourage their children to take the path taken by Gandhi and Nehru, we might have a glorious future… A future paved by visionaries and leaders of merit

Suhani Dewra