The Legend that Lived

One man who has rightly and vastly affected the field of music and dance in the last few decades is none other than the late Michael Jackson. There is possibly no one in this world who does not know his name or his famous dance moves. Starting from a mere rickshaw puller in the poorest region of India to the most wealthiest man of Dubai, there is simply no one who hasn’t heard of him or does not know the extent of his fame and talent. This in itself is an achievement for an artist.

Michael Jackson born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana, U.S was the eighth child of Katherine Esther Scruse and Joseph Walter Joe Jackson. He had a very bad childhood as the Jackson 5, would take up all his time given hours of practice, work and shows. He has had a very troubled childhood because of his father who would often whip and beat him. His relationship with his father was so tense that Jackson himself had admitted that he would cry and vomit at his father’s sight. So Michael did not get the childhood that he deserved. Nonetheless Jackson grew up to become one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

His music has been inspired by his different feeling towards the world, towards himself, his life and so on. But in this article we will not discuss about Michael Jackson’s life as all of us already know almost everything about him from head to foot. We won’t talk about what effect he had on the people while he was alive but what effect his death has had on people.

Much to people’s shock and utter grief this amazing personality died on the June 25, , 2009 at his home in Holmby Hills after suffering from a cardiac arrest. He was found not breathing by his personal physician Conrad Murray and his death has been declared a homicide resulting from an overdose of drugs. Shortly after the announcement of his death people went into a world wide mourning similar to that of Princess Diana’s however the grief was spread even further. The reaction of people was no less than complete and utter shock as no one could fathom that this person would have such a sudden death.

MJ was supposed to perform in London for his concert, “This Is It” for which he was actively practicing and preparing. Jackson’s death hit every news channel and every newspaper in a matter of minutes and the world watched in astonishment as this entertainer and humanitarian’s dead body was carried from his home to the hospital. Fans including people working in offices and students left their respective work and gathered around the television set or went to his home. People started to hold small memorial gatherings.

His official memorial service was held on the July 7 which was aired on television for the whole world to see. The memorial was presided over by a concert in his name where eminent artists who were his close friends sang his songs. His death ranked No. 1 on VH1’s list of 100 most shocking moments in music. Music channels played all his songs throughout the day for weeks and people aired his biography on different channels on T.V.

A day after his death the mayor of Rio de Janeiro declared the erection of MJ’s statue in Dona Marta, Favela which was a place that MJ had shown in his music video “They Don’t Care About Us”. After his death people started to buy his albums even more and he became best selling artist of the U.S in 2009.

It is very difficult to express the fame, dynamic personality and life of Michael Jackson in this article as no amount of writing would suffice. The king of Pop (a name he acquired from people during his lifetime) dead is equal and maybe even greater than Michael living. His death had a huge impact on people from all over the world as it took months for all to recover from this grief.

Although his life was one of controversies and trouble, people have hurt him in a lot of ways but in the end his music brought the people together from all parts of the world as everyone joined hands in mourning for him. So we see that Michael Jackson was successful in fulfilling his aim of uniting people through the medium of his songs as he had set to do. A great entertainer, dancer, singer, father, brother, musician, song writer and last but not the least humanitarian, people love this man and will continue to do so for many more decades to come even though he is no more.

Madhurima Ganguly

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