The L(eh)ittle Things

God created India and then he made the rest of the world. That is the re-epiphany that occurred when I visited Leh. It sure is the place with all the hype and adventure. And let me tell you, it’s all worth every sight.

I am the girl who likes her city faced apartment instead of the glasshouse in the valley of flowers. So naturally the idea of visiting Ladhak where they don’t have Subway was not as appealing. And boy it was a punch on in my face. How I didn’t know that the mountain terrain changes every few kilometres. That we get to see the Australian Gold-coast beach effect near the famous Pagongtso lake and also the plains-like effect of the Amazon while travelling to Nubra Valley.

From the monasteries to the lakes to the double-humped camels and those cute little boy Lamas; Leh is everything and beautiful. But because it’s you all and not me, I am sure you are aware of the facts. So I am going to let out the secrets.

Firstly, July to September is the best time to visit if you want to avoid the big-riot-families and their abnormally loud kids on their June summer break.

Leh shopping street is in the Lonely Planet book. What is not stated is that a little road called the Changspa road is the most peaceful area you could walk around. It is mostly guest houses for foreigners and little cafes and restaurants to relax and be lost in. I would walk to one of the cafes daily to look around or chat up with people or just be inspired by the sheer peacefulness.

You will also find many Rent-a-Bike shops. My advice, Do do so. Rent a bike and even if you cannot go long distance travelling on the bike make a short trip to one of the many places around Leh. It will be the most thrilling experience of your entire life. Entire Life.

Next, do go to and visit the not-so-known monastery know as the Alchi Monastery. It is lovely not because of the temple but the pathway leading to it. It has water streams on both sides flowing down, shaded with walnut and apple trees all through and if you are lucky you might have a magpie bird playfully guiding the way.

While the brown barren mountains are one of a kind and a breath-taking sight, it is the little things in Leh that you end up falling in love with. The localites living there might be the best and the sweetest people you will ever come across.
[Wanna eat the yummiest of homemade chocolate brownies: “Cafe Secret Recipes” situated in the Leh market. Look for it.]

Wamika Singh

Want to experience zero gravity and nothing at all 😉