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JBL Pulse vs. Bose Mini Sound System

Sure, the holiday and party season is over but we still have something to smile about—we still have the two best sounding speakers, the BoseSoundlink Mini and the JBL Pulse.

While the Bose looks just like any other show piece on your table, the JBL looks almost like a chalta-phirta (walking) disco light.

Aesthetically, the Bose is primarily designed for a person who loves being at home, takes the speakers from room to room and has a lot of music on his or her iPod or iPhone. It’s definitely not bad, but the Apple-inspired brushed aluminium, albeit smart, can be a little boring after a particular point. On the other hand, the JBL is designed differently.

Cylindrical in shape, the JBL has a mesh of 64 LED lights over the speakers, ideally hiding the actual drivers from view. These lights have five different patterns, which can be set to different colours of the spectrum with the help of a touch pad. Sounds more interesting than the Bose, right? That’s because it is, and it offers the perfect party atmosphere.

The built-in features of both the speakers are top notch. While the brushed aluminium of the sound link in the Bose gives it a more premium and contemporary look, the mesh of the JBL with its rubber touch buttons make it look and feel more robust.

Now, let’s talk about something that we actually understand. Which of the two speakers sound better?

The sound spectrum can be divided into four broad categories—Bass, Mids, Low End and Highs. Bass makes a track heavy and gives it “balls”, Low End makes the sound big and heavy, andMids make a track rich. Lack of mids makes the track sound dead and subdued, and excess of it makes things extremely muddy. Highs make the soundscape present and airy but too much of it can make a good track sound harsh and camped up.

The Bose offers a heavy bass frequency for sure butwe need the rest of the spectrum too. For an  audiophile or a decently experienced enthusiast, the mids in the Bose are pretty scooped out and makes tracks sound really dead. The highs on the other hand are carefully modelled to not make things harsh but overall, they’re completely hidden from the over-powering Bass frequencies. In the JBL Pulse the bass is more neutral in its low end response, however the mids are nice and rich, whilst the highs are not absent like in the Bose Soundlink Mini.

What’s more is that the Bose comes with a charging dock which is another neat thing, while the JBL comes with a micro-USBcharging cable which is more universal. But what makes the JBL stand out is its LED lights. Despite its little flaws, both the units have the potential to lighten things up, literally, and also double up as a volume level indicator. They can truly get the party started.

So if you’re a boring person who belongs to the cult of bass-appreciating people, you may like the sound of the Sound Link Mini for 15,000 rupees only, but if you think smart, like balanced sound, and want something exciting in your life, save around 3000 bucks and get the Pulse for 12,000 rupees.

So let’s get the party started!

Akanksha Siwach

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