The ‘Logy’ of ‘Bios’

Adam and Eve went up the hill,

To fetch a pail of water,

But regrettably, they left the pill,

And zillions came thereafter.

And that my friend is the social science behind the historical evolution of Homo sapiens. The story of how we matured from apes to how we benignly ripened into cancer on this erstwhile bluish green heavenly body.

No, don’t get me wrong. I am not that fanatical environmentalist who has the chutzpah to show disrespect to her own species while voicing out for that almost extinct earthworm in the oasis of Sahara.

I am truly you, as you are me,

As blind, as one can be.

But in my defense, I must tell you that I do want to scream for air, cry for water and throw tantrums on land, without making any noise of course. The only reason I don’t do it is because to me, that looks like playing squash.

You hit the ball,

It hits the wall,

Boomerangs back,

Hits you.

You hit the ball,

It hits the wall,

Boomerangs back,

And by now I hope you catch what I am trying to say.

Yes! Why point fingers when it’s actually you, me, we and the all of us who are the Big Bang. The ultimate nucleus. That silly mistake God made in his calculations while creating the universe. Didn’t you ever wonder why population and pollution are like pals intertwined in each other’s lap? Why they rhyme so well (apart from the benefit to the poetic minds)? Didn’t it strike you that they go everywhere together? Hand in hand. Leg in leg. Torso in torso. Wringing nature’s neck, face to face.

Haven’t you noticed?! Guess you were too busy being myopic. But now when you do have the problem outlined and glaring at you, don’t shy away. Try to analyze it from within and solve it at your own micro level. And if this is your first time, you might as well adopt my technique.

In this very down to earth method, I try to approach such planetary issues from a third person perspective, distance myself from the crisis and question the dilemma. In other words, I imagine being a three eyed alien in Jupiter, and then ask my-alien-self “what would I do to save earth from its imminent doom due to over population, if I was an earthling?” And believe me or not, like magic the answer would flash across all the three eyeballs.

Simple! Follow the cause and the causality hypothesis. Look beyond the causalities and uproot the cause. No, no mass homicides please. But just a small highly essential self realization. Can we really discipline anything else without first practicing self control? Our resources budget that we would love to exploit is decreasing exponentially minute by minute only because the smartest leech of the eco system is multiplying at a logarithmic scale every second. Have you tried listening to it? Malignantly whistling its countdown to the Judgment day.

Feel the eerie crescendo as the whistlers increase.

Message from Jupiter being:

Protect your environment.

Protect yourself.

All is not lost yet.

Next time,

Please use protection!

Ipshita Saha

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