The Lost Respect, The Lost Humanity


Branding people with tags, not providing them with a non-judgmental space to express them, dictating whom to love and when to love, interfering in the personal space of people, questioning the patriotism of people, bullying people in the name of humanity, the ever-increasing adamant persuasion of the goony culture; this is the country we live in.

The ego and the offensive streak of people is at peak, when one tweet or instance can challenge it, one can imagine the sort of limited perceptive majority our society is entailed with.

The country is currently obsessing and getting entertained over a reality series called Bigg Boss, this series promises a dose of entertainment, tinted or filled with human emotions that define us, rule us and somehow betray us too. Amidst many controversies that have reigned in the house for this season, one has stuck a hurt chord with me.

So, there was this contestant who got annoyed and blasted others just because they guessed that her mother might be a laborer and belong to a poor family. How can a family which is not lavish can be bullied or toned down with respect? Why are just the powerful, the rich are respected whereas the others doing a laborer jobs are not?

Does respect come with the materialistic aspect of it when it should come because of an individual? Is the individual not respected but only the works, the lavishness or the wealth is?

These are the sorry state of affairs in our society currently, wherein we boast about our country’s ethics, culture, sanskaars in general, while not thinking twice before hitting a poor person, or rebuking someone because of their family background, or just disrespecting people for their genders or their non-conformity.

Why can we not respect someone, or be polite to someone and say please or thank you when deemed fit? Where have the ethics gone when it comes to treating people in our everyday life? How many times do we feel fortunate enough to have a life comprised of all the riches and necessary goods when people are just struggling for a piece of bread?

How many times do we thank our mothers or our fathers for living their lives for our benefit? How many times do we thank or be polite to our maids who washes our dirt and cleans our house, or that old rikshaw-puller who carries your weight for some specific journey?

Have we forgotten as to how to respect an individual without judging them first, have we forgotten to be polite to people because they fail to conform to our mind-set or our class in the society?

We should respect everyone, be it of any gender, or economic class or religion, or for their viewpoints. It doesn’t take much to be polite, let’s give our rebuking-everything tendency a rest and learn to understand someone before boycotting them. Let’s be non-stereotypical and non-judgmental towards the workings of the society.

Let us just breathe and let others do the same freely, without any terms and conditions latched.

This Diwali, let’s relearn on how to respect an individual for the deeds they do. Let us just give humanity a chance, and do efforts to understand someone’s perspectives rather than just brand them with controversial tags, let us not generalise people and force them to conform to our societal ideals, let us be a bit more perceptive this Diwali, shall we?

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Source:

The Viewspaper