The Loved One

‘This article is not worth reading, if you are not interested in this ubiquitous feeling called Love.
I came to know, one of my closest friend’s ‘proposal’ has not turned out favorable and I went to his place at 10:30PM to get him back to normal. To my knowledge, LOVE has 2 Vowels, 2 consonants and 2 fools – As I myself am still green in these matters, I did not talk and prompted for a walk before that fateful day ended. And after that night, even today, I still wonder whether pain is mother of philosophy. Read on to understand.


Sorry to hear about it, that… (he interrupted me)

I have never felt sorry when I left my school or college. I used to capture the essence of the place in my memories and leave it, full of hope. I am carrying a lot of cherished memories now; Underlining fact is most of things are out of our control.

Yea, but doesn’t it hurt when u remember her?

To remember, you have to forget first and who said I forgot her?

So, does this love hurts?

Everyone says love hurts, but that isn’t true. Loneliness hurts. Rejection hurts. Losing someone hurts. Envy hurts. Everyone gets these things confused with love, but in reality love is the only thing in this world that cures all pain and makes someone feel wonderful again.

Did u cry?

Last time I saw her, I snapped shut her smiling image within my eyes. I fear the first tears from my eyes will erase that wonder. Anyway, I want to keep smiling all the time as no one should blame her for my tears.

Why did u like her among all?

If you like a person, you can simply make up plenty of reasons to say ‘why’

What did u like about her?

Everything. She totally complements me. Together, we are complete. You call a right and left hand, a pair, but not 2 right hands.

Who is which hand?

She is Right (Correct) and I am Left (alone).

What do you think she complements?

•    She is reserved, I am active
•    She is a cover reader, I am rigorous analyst
•    She is emotionally strong, I am physically strong.
•    She is air, I am fire *
•    She plans and executes, I execute to plan.
•    She is a safe player, I am risk taker.
•    She is introvert, I am extrovert
•    She treats work as world, I treat world as work.
•    She is realistic, I am Daydreamer

Finally- Now,

She hates me and I Love her.

When you are not so sure, why did u propose her?

I knew few facts like:

•    So often we don’t say ‘I love you’, because we fear losing someone, but more often we lose them because we fear saying ‘I love you’.
•    If you like someone, show it. It will be sweeter than telling.  But if you don’t like someone, just tell it. It will be painless then showing it.
•    It was already difficult for me to hide my feelings. The wait only makes it worse.
•    I am not asking her to be mine. I am telling that I am hers.
•    ‘If victory is certain then even a coward will fight but brave is the one who fights even in face of defeat.”

So, do you feel brave now?

No, I realized what a coward I am. When the moment came, for the first time in my life, my hands were Shaking, voice was shivering, pulse rate doubled, started sweating and breathing hard, beat around bush and messed it up w/o communicating properly & completely.

Why don’t you try proposing again?

The Way u you communicate is just a gift wrap. The feeling that you communicate is what really matters.

But, I should face the fact that she dismissed it. I already feel guilty for pulling her into this mess.

What I don’t really get though is the reason for rejection. Does she dislikes me or is she worried of about society? I guess I’ll never know as she managed it pretty good without letting me know that.

Girls are realistic, but we are day dreaming immature kids who believe in movies and fairy tales and often imagine ourselves as lead roles in them. [Like a stupid person, I kept on laughing, when he is was serious]

Why don’t u you try talking to her?

There was no response for my attempts. I think she is feeling uncomfortable even to talking to me. I want to value her decision more than mine. So, I gave up.

Why not another girl?

Love is something like subject of passionate Interestinterest, You have only one among many subjects (loved one’s).Though you are not good at it, you still like it. It should be only once, else you are contradicting yourself. One should know the difference b/w their favorite subject and subject they are good at. Only few lucky people work (Marry) in their field of interesting subject (loved mate).

What about your future now?

Excuse me, how can you correlate love and life together?

No one will stop eating food, when they are unable to make for their favorite sweet.

On a same scale, No one should stop living their rest of life, when they fail in Love.

I still have Parents, friends, relatives. ..I don’t cut my hand, when my finger is injured.

Love is just a beautiful part of Life. It has never asked to damage rest of ours/others Life.

I already faced failure, so my next turn in Life should be mostly success and I am running for it.

mm… (I m thinking to speak what…)

One must learn to love the fool in him, the one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes and loses often, lacks self-control, loves and hates, hurts and gets hurt, makes and breaks promises, laughs out loud and cries in silence.

So I feel lucky to have known someone who is so hard to forget. I will wait till the day I can forget her or the day she realizes that she cannot forget me.


We walked back to room by 2 pm (3 hours – 8.5 Kms – 675 calories – 280 grams of fat) and I was shocked with his answers. The conviction with which he spoke stunned me. I think, it is she who missed him – but he kept on telling me, he was not qualified to deserve her. Only God is judge of that!! All I understood is:

Attachment hurts when you lose it. Better is Lonelines..It teaches you everything & when you lose it, you gain Everything.

* Air puts off fire when fire is low but accelerates it when it is high. Also, as per palmistry, these 2 are among 4 types of hands.

** Pinky, Special Thanks for editing!!


Siva Kumar

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