The Magic In Our Lives Like Never Before


Technology has changed our lives in more ways than we appreciate. The ease of access, the connectivity and the omnipotent and omnipresent presence has allowed us to reach out like never before. Be it with a friend in the neighbourhood, or a relative across the world, distances and time have slowly become meaningless.

It is also slowly having an effect on how we live our lives too. It may be a gradual change, but no one can deny that over the past decades, technology has affected our lifestyle in manner never seen before. People can, and do (coming from personal experience) plan entire vacations in the comfort of a cab ride. Multinational businesses are supported by the tenuous thread of technology which lets the fate of billions in currencies from around the world be manipulated and routed at our whims and fancies.

With this rise of the digital age, we also see the rise of startups, filling in the very gaps our previous generations would warn us about. Gone are the days when keeping on top of our affairs meant pounding the sidewalk and standing in queues for a couple of hours per form. We tap a gadget for the simplest of things and voila, it’s done.

Be it Ola, the almost magical taxi aggregator which has managed to introduce the concept of taxi like never before to the Indian market. The idea of “grocery shopping” from the comfort of our sofas has become a norm with Big Basket. Feeding ourselves also has been given an edge, with the likes of Zomato allowing us to explore food in our cities like never before. Let’s face it- the idea of a person sitting in a village can enjoy a gourmet dinner if he or she has the funds.

For those of us who require a more attentive service, there is Jaadu Inc. which takes service to a new level. Offering a unique butler service for those of us who enjoy the attention can now do (or at least get done) almost anything with the help of data connection and a charged phone.

There is a level of guilty pleasure here, with so many comforts at our disposal. But what one can’t deny is the magic like qualities of the digital age which brings any and all service, from ordering a bag of chips to booking a plane (because tickets are so passé). After all, as the saying goes – “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Ranveer Raj Bhatnagar

Image Sources:

The Viewspaper