The Media and its Social Responsibility

Media empowerment is a sign of true democracy, a medium to communicate with the youth and the entire world. Media definitely has a responsibility on its shoulders, which is to guide the people. People have blind faith in the media and they are convinced that what they hear or what the media has declared is correct. But have we ever deliberated over the fact that media can also be selfish? The truth is that in this competitive world – the media is also a victim.

The media has exposed our very own celebrities whom we normally idolise. Thanks to the media, we got the true picture of these celebrities who have shamelessly indulged in wrong doings. If this be true, then why do we blame the media for interfering in their lives? It is their duty to expose the people. Once a person is a celebrity, his life or his actions definitely make the news, then why do they forever crib and blame the media? The Casting Couch is a ubiquitous phenomenon in many industries. As an average reader, we may already know that it exists in the film industry. If you ever had any doubts after all those newspaper articles, gossip magazine stories during the last couple of decades, which featured the infamous casting couch – India TV and Suhaib Ilyasi have definitely convinced the public that it is indeed in existence. Thanks to the media, we now know that there exists an industry where you have beautiful people, aggressive bosses and ambitious new entrants – yes, the Indian TV industry too which is equally affected.

The Bollywood beefcake Salman Khan has never been far away from controversies or brushes with the law. He has been in the news for killing an animal of an endangered species in the forests of Rajasthan.He has always been in the news for all the wrong reasons, be it roughing up scribes, man –handling his ex-girlfriend Aishwariya Rai or his verbal assault at actor Vivek Oberoi. However, he has always escaped because of his celebrity status and popularity.

When the deadly bird flu has finally hit India after affecting the other countries in Asia – the first case was reported in Maharashtra when a few chickens died after being affected by this virus. Today, almost about 91 people have died according to a report given by the WHO. Tamiflu, a drug which is widely consumed is considered as a precautionary measure to escape from this disease. This virus has affected the western regions of the country like Jalgaon in Maharashtra and Gujarat too. The media has been giving latest updates on its large-scale spread along with precautionary measures and safety tips to help save the people from this life taking disease.

The thought of the ‘Underworld’ sends shivers down our spine; it is a symbol of terror. But have we ever realised that all the celebrities as well as the politicians are under the aegis of these underworld dons? They are mere puppets in the hands of these dons, the media has tried its best to expose these dons by discovering recorded tapes and other incriminating evidence which expose the connection between the underworld and the various Bollywood bigwigs.

The Jessica Lal case ended on a comparatively more on a positive note than could have ever been expected thanks to the media. The media is brought to the public’s attention forward the real picture of the

case. Through the media there have been many petitions filed to punish the accused in this case who so far were living without guilt. More and more people are disappointed by the judicial system because even after knowing the accused – the judges and lawyers set them free only because they are associated with political biggies. The judiciary appears to be a mere puppet in the hands of the politicians. But the media is trying relentlessly to achieve justice by bringing this to the notice of the people.

According to me, media has a significant and indispensable place in our lives. It brings to us the true face of today’s world – a face which is usually hidden from the common man. It makes us realise that we are being ruled by the wrong people – politicians who are only interested in their personal gains and not the welfare of their people. I salute the media for its incomparable contribution… which will definitely, benefit the nation and its people in the long run.

Geetika Sachdev

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