The Misunderstood Generation

Do you sleep with your cell phone near you bed? Or is it under your pillow? Or maybe you sleep with it in your hand? Most of you probably do.  At one point I did too. My relationship with my phone is a little strained today and I have left it in another room.
(I do not understand what you are trying to say here….why is your phone in the other room…who is languished?

Now let us see…You go bonkers if your net disconnects and if it is slow it is equally annoying? Hmm…do you sometimes wonder how life existed without all these technological and scientific inventions? How did people ever live without cars, television, and the internet?  I shudder to think what would happen to me if the music system was never invented, for as long as I remember, even when I was little at least we had the walkman. Even now while I am writing I am listening to music.

Many older people snub all these new trends that have the youth obsessed and hooked but the only permanent thing in life is change, and we all know that. The society is always involving and adjusting to current norms. Cell phones, laptops, play stations, Mp3 players, and Ipods are like life breath to many.

Work hard, party harder is the mantra of generation Y. Bold, brash, self absorbed, tech-dependent is what they seem to be all about. But scratch a little more and you would get to see that there is more to them than just the words ‘me, my, mine’. There is no denying the fact that Gen Y loves self indulgence and owning the latest gadgets, but selfish? That is going a little far.

Yes, family dynamics are changing but the generation gap that always seemed to be a huge schism between parents and kids is slowly disappearing. The mom of today is not just aware of everything around her, but research shows that some moms are even more technologically savvy than college kids! So while a lot of us are thinking that youngsters are drifting away from their families, parents are finding newer ways to connect to their kids. They hang out with their them, add them up in social networking sites, and quite a many even manage not ‘freak’ their children out by doing so.

Parents today are more understanding, and they want to give the best to their kids. And while everyone yearns for independence, Gen Y loves to be independently dependent. They no longer go red in the face if someone says that ‘dude your mom sent you an add request’, if they stay away from their parents they don’t mind keeping in touch with them as often as they can.  For them friends and family are both family to them.

‘The winner stands alone’ is not everyone’s success mantra anymore. Youngsters today would rather work in a place that pays less, just because most of their friends are working there. They would rather work together and party together, so well not that selfish are we? (Not too sure if you are sending out the right message here. You may want to work together fine…what about career aspirations and building a good life for oneself…after all your friends are not going to pay your bills for you.)

The young society is more diverse yet integrated than ever, they are aware of all the environmental issues around them and take it seriously. The only problem with today’s society is that, it does not take politics and religion as seriously as it should be, but peace and harmony is what it wants. (Please reconsider the last paragraph…what society are you talking about? The statement is a little ambigious…who does not take religion and politics seriously…please define society and provide and instance)

Generation X seems to have a huge problem with the generation Y. No generation has been as misunderstood as those born after the 1980’s. They are more demanding, they want flexible work hours and a friendly work atmosphere, so why not give it to them, they are the future leaders and once they take over they are sure to implement their own rules, so if current leaders refuse to change a little and give them a benefit of doubt, they are going to hate you and change things later anyway. They have not seen a lot of vagaries of life their parents might have, they have been brought up in a different new society, things have been easier for them, so one needs to understand their psyche and deal with them likewise, just like their parents do.

Sneha Jaiswal

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