The Most Bizzare stories of 2011

  • A dead alien which was discovered in the Northern region of Siberia tops the chart of being the most bizarre incident in 2011! Although such incidents have been reported in the past, but this encounter stands out the most. The creature was found dead at the site and apparently, ruble of a crashed UFO were found there too! A close miss with an encounter with the outside world!
  • Akshat Saxena, a one-year-old boy from Uttar Pradesh was born with 34 digits! This condition in which a child is born with more than 5 fingers per hand or toe is known as polydactyly. It is a genetic anomaly, which can also be hereditary! Akshat had to undergo several surgeries to remove the excess digits!
  • Scientists in the middle of the year discovered a new planet that seems to be made out of diamonds! Scientists believe that this planet orbirts its star every 2 hours and 1o minutes and has slightly more mass than that of Jupiter but is 20 times as dense! They are however still searching for traces of life on this planet! Wonder what it would be like to live on a diamond planet!
  • Bizzare incidents with the trains are only India‚Äôs forte! A train full of commuters travelling from Tripura to Varanasi went 980kms in the wrong direction before the passengers realized what was happening! The error in the route was caused due to incorrect entry of destination code, which sent the train 5 hours away from its destination!