The Most Expensive Cities to Live in!

You thought living in Delhi was the most expensive ever? Here is a list of cities all across the Globe where living/surviving has broken all limits of spending! Some of these cities have an unexpected mention in the list!

  • Tokyo, Japan: The capital city of Japan is the most expensive city to live in! According to a survey, it is the amongst the greenest cities in the world despite having a population of over eight million! Tokyo also boasts of having the minimum emission of carbon dioxide! It has the most extensively developed transport in the world! It is the most convenient city yet the most expensive!


  • Oslo, Nowray: Oslo has emerged to be the most expensive city in the past few years due to the increase in the relative strength of the Kroner! The city is the hub of the Norwegian trade, which is known world wide for its shipping companies, shipbrokers and maritime insurance companies! It is also proud of one of the most efficient Metro transportation networks in the world! It has all the comforts that a resident could ever ask for, however all of which comes at a very hefty price! Thus the city of Oslo is the 2nd most expensive place to live in!

  • Nagoya, Japan: Japan seems to house some of the most expensive cities! Nagoya, which happens to be the hub for most of the Japanese manufacturers, especially automobile and aircraft parts! Most of the Japanese Automobile companies are headquartered in Nagoya, including Toyota and Honda!

  • Stavanger, Norway: Post the discovery of oil in the North Sea in Stavanger in 1960s the city became a hub for gas and petroleum based industries! Despite the recent economic downturn, Stavanger’s newly found oil wealth was able to sustain the downslide and initiate a stupendous growth simultaneously! The high cost of food and transportation make the city the 4th most expensive city in the World!

  • Yokohama, Japan: Japan seems to compete with itself in this list! This 5th most expensive city in the World too is a Japanese hub of technology and industry! The city is also a budding artistic hub! Being the second largest city in Japan, Yokohama is the undoubted feature in this category!