Multiple Personality Face Mask

In the words of Walker Percy, “You can get all A’s but still flunk in life”.

What is it that is about this quote that a whole article can be derived out of it? It shows two sides of the same coin – different yet joined. Two walks of life intersecting at a point difficult to distinguish. It justifies rational human nature at the very basic.
Why is it that we do not practice what we preach? Why is it that in this advanced age of science and technology where everything has a distinct form, meaning and justification we blame karma, destiny or our Shani (Saturn) being in the wrong zodiac and yet at a time of being looked up to, we encourage the next generation to work hard with perseverance and determination to achieve results? Why is it that we are afraid to blame ourselves for our flaws openly and improve rather than doing so in secrecy? Or are we just plain conspiracy theorists to think that the other person is going to take advantage of our sorrow and try to deepen it?

An investor is never going to accept that his investment was made at the wrong time but he will keep insisting that the stars were not on his side. We tend to blame such mind-blowing (literally) beliefs in the bad times but take all the credit for the good times. Are the principles of trust, brotherhood and acceptance only important in education? A man never stops learning, they say. Then why the stoppage in the implementation of knowledge? Or have we just evolved into plain educated fools to realize the insanity in behaving in this manner and being thwarted at, once we are out of school?

Wherever we go, we carry along a mask for each occasion. A jaw-breaking stereotyped smile to express our happiness to the world, a wrinkled sad face to seek everyone’s sympathy, a wall-like indifferent face to give any international cold war a run for its money, a blame-it-on-anyone-but-me mask. But looking at it from another angle, is this not an essential part of personality development? After all, we have to live and die, earn fame and success, defeat and cheat in this same world. This is most certainly the requirement of the age.

Also, to be accepted by a different class, behaving in a rigid manner shall take you nowhere. You can’t be the same faced to a politician and a corporate. To get our work done, we need to resort to different means and that is something that we have been taught for time immemorial. Or maybe it is just the interpretation of the quote that is a fallacy in itself. It does not provide a demarcation between the good and the bad but simply provides a direction that may/may not be chosen by us. It hides in itself, our choice and our acts that will make us what we are and when we look back, we shall have only ourselves to blame. It does not imply that you have, but that you can fail in life. But that would only be if your “Multiple Personality Face Mask” is based on multiple morals and not manners.

As long as we differ to get something constructive done in good faith without compromising on our character, it is all good. It is the subjectivity that creates an issue and makes us think pessimistically about terms and acts that have never been portrayed in good light and thus the stereotyping. Changing for the conversationist is not incorrect, just the extent of change is speculated. Changing needs, desires and priorities shall modify the way to go about things. Change in inherent so it is best for us to accept it and incorporate it in our everyday thought process. And peace out.

Deshan Tucker

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