The Mystery Called Astrology

Arts and Science have always been intertwined enemies. Well the reason I put it so is because even though there exists evidence of the mutual influence in their evolution, they are still almost poles apart at times. While art gives way to expression and imagination, science feeds the rational and the logical hunger. Mostly, they are vividly distinguishable in the forms they take.

However when we come to Astrology, the demarcations blur and conflicts arise.

Until the modern era, astronomy and astrology were quite indistinguishable. Nevertheless, their division has helped widen the current dilemma with astronomy being declared a branch of science.

If you were to ask the common people what precisely astrology means, they perhaps might not be able to provide a sensible answer. However, they would be able to tell you how much it has helped change their lives.

The occult sciences may not typically explain things logically but the results speak for themselves. Yet it cannot be denied that it does appear to be a mere co incidence to the non-believers.

‘Belief’ is yet another powerful force, which smudges the line even more. To most people, it does not matter if astrology is an Art or a Science, because they ‘believe’ in its capability to heal and protect them from harm.

Astrology is definitely not a recent/modern phenomenon; it has existed since the most ancient of civilizations in varied forms. This is one reason why it was considered an art, as only a few people could practice it and those who did, had their own ways and means.

From tarot to crystal ball, from palmistry to numerology – all in one way or the other branch from (or are a part of) astrology.

However, it cannot be denied that the planetary movements, which are basically governing astrology, are purely scientific in nature. But there are limits and boundaries of science and thus there are things which science cannot explain and perhaps an art form can. That is exactly the case with astrology.

What is interestingly quite a misconception is the fact that astrology is probably a form of amusement, of false satisfaction. I feel it is a very rich and deep subject which remains unexplored even today.

Astrology is not just about giving future predictions, but also about getting to know about your past and present, your entire life or, on a larger scale, the world. It might amaze you that in France, there are ci       ties which have been planned keeping in mind the astrological effects on those places.

I could even go further and describe and describe one’s life as an encrypted version, the codes of which can be broken only by an adept few.

Having said that, it is important to put forth the fact that today, this scientific art form is being misused. It has become a mere money making job while it was meant to be done to benefit the society.

To believe or not to believe is a question which many people, young and old, ask themselves and it is indeed a personal choice. What is sad, though, is the fact that because it is neither a conventional or qualified art form nor a science, it is subjected to mockery.

We hardly realize that for those who believe, it is next to creating miracles and end up passing it as a mere amusement. I will quote something I read:

“Astrology has always tugged at the heart of mankind and regardless of their overt opinions, individuals have often toyed with the possibility of there being a destiny and a way to decipher its often mysterious code.”

I think that we cannot deny that in our entire life, there does come a point where we tend to question ‘fate’, ‘destiny’ and hope for ‘luck’. Apparently, astrology does explain some of it, if not all and continues to lure minds in its mysterious world.

Meghna Baveja

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