The Mystery of My Life

I knocked on the door but no one opened it,

I had the key but the motivation to lift my hand towards the door was missing.

I waited and waited for some miracle to happen,

But God had his own plans to teach me some lesson.

Young and raw I lost hope and fought again,

I was like a ship in the middle of a storm fighting against the wrath of nature without complains.

I stood there for long time,

Months passed away and I started losing the rhythm and the rhyme.

I passed in some tests and failed in others,

But the door didn’t open, things became unclear and hope started melting away like butter.

Then came the thought that may be this door was not meant for me,

May be the key which I had was wrong and there was something which I couldn’t see.

But to add more confusion in my life suddenly the door opened on its own,

Baffled and confused I waited for the thing inside which was unknown.

I saw a mirror inside and it was shining like the sun,

Thinking it to be my reward I moved inside slowly,

Feeling the difference that this is not the same person who was always on the run.

I was shocked to see myself in the mirror,

Worry, tension and insecurity had made a map on my face with the help of tears.

I looked like a country which had been ruled over for years,

The rulers of my destiny were guilty, the only thing which was now clear.

Confused about what to do next,

I turned around and decided to rest.

But then the voice erupted saying that in this world you can’t rest,

You have to work hard and crush others head to be the best.

I tried to defend my action but it went in vain,

Even God was sad to see my plight and the clouds bursted to welcome the rain.

The voice in the room was overpowered by nature,

I saw a girl in the same mirror who was clever, mysterious and an exotic creature.

I had found the lost self and ran out of the room,

I realized that I am not someone who can be ordered to work with broom.

I am a free spirit, who can do anything,

The best is still to come and now I am a free country but there is no king.

Swinder Kaur