The Nature – Improper intervention in Nature

If we watch the creations of God Almighty, we would find that there are creatures that move on their belly, those who move on four legs, those who move on two legs, and those who move on innumerable legs. There are creatures that move on two legs when on the ground and also fly when in the air. These are the cases of animals and birds. But plants and trees also move upwards or along the ground.

If we observe closely, we would see that these movements are designed by God for the survival of these creations i.e. to go after food and to escape from the pursuit of hostile species. When God made his creations he designed and developed them in such a way that every creation helps each other for survival. For instance, a mosquito lives on blood of animals, a frog lives on insects like mosquito, a snake lives on frogs or such creatures, birds live on snakes or other creatures. The larger flesh eating animals feed on smaller ones downwards. Man lives on plants and animals. But we would see that the system doesn’t end with the superiority of man, there are creations that live on man, right from the very minute bacteria during his life time to insects that are produced from his mortal remains under the soil.

Now, to move on earth or in the sky, these creations need speed. The hunter and the hunted need speed. The hunted always have lesser speed than the hunter. It is the destiny that is decided by God. No one has the power to dictate terms to Master. Every creature, created has speed limited to it, the strict observation of which is a must for its survival or for the purpose for which it has been created. If a snake runs after a rat, it can catch it only because it is faster than the rat. We may think that, if the rat was faster, it could have saved itself from the snake. It is wrong because if it runs faster, it may land in front of another snake, if that particular rat is destined to be the food of that snake. It is a unique way of maintaining the ecological balance of the earth.

Now, if anyone trespasses the speed limited to him, whether it is an animal, bird, man or plants and trees, it would jeoparadise the whole system. One of the species may even get exterminated from the earth.

It has happened in front of us. When we destroyed mosquitoes and flies in the name of eradication of certain diseases, what did we achieve? We created a lot of new diseases like AIDS and increase of Cancer. With the extermination of a particular type of mosquitoes that breed in dirty water, we now have mosquitoes that breed in pure water. And these mosquitoes brought in so many complex disease like dengue fever, or H1N1. How could the same rats that were on earth for centuries, now cause rat fever? Was it because the bacteria that was emitted through rat urine in water were eaten by mosquitos or flies and those flies and mosquitoes are exterminated now? The flies that used to feed on various disease causing bacteria were exterminated and that led to appearance of many, hitherto unknown diseases. Don’t you think these all happened because we restricted the free movement of the inhabitants of earth that was very minutely designed and executed by Him?


These exterminations could be the result of greed by man to overtake the limited diseases that was introduced by the nature or God, to maintain the ecological balance of the life system on earth; birth and death have to maintain a healthy balance. A disease is never an enemy to a life, and no death is caused by any disease. Improper understanding and management of disease leads to automatic destruction of healthy organs of the body, which may lead to immature end to a life. Improper intervention in nature also brings total destruction to the life that lives in it.

Abdul Hameed