The New Era of Indian Politics

Staying away from the politics of hatred, Manmohan Singh proved to be a real leader taking economic growth of India to an unprecedented level. Nobody had thought of such a big victory of the Congress in the 15th Lok Shabha elections. What is more surprising is the fact that Congress won in the states of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh for these are the states where the politics of communalism have conquered most of the time. The things that did the trick were the launch of the programmes like NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme) and the initiatives like huge loan waivers in rural part of India. The schemes like these reached to the heart of the poor India. These schemes helped the poorest of the poor and gave them a ray of hope.

Apart from reaching the heart of poor India, youth politics has definitely helped in changing its image. The young and energetic leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Pilot and Mausam Benazir proved Modi’s remark that Congress is an old woman to be wrong. Not reacting to the BJP’s verbal attacks, Congressmen kept their agenda strong. One cannot deny that a major portion of the credit goes to Rahul Gandhi. Congress has won most of the assembly seats where Rahul Gandhi went for campaigning. It was he who insisted that Congress should contest alone in UP without forming an alliance.
It has always been Congress’ policy to not to take help of the pity caste politics to expand their regional vote banks while the other leaders namely Varun Gandhi, Mayawati, Amar Singh, Mulayam Singh and a lot of others have consistently been engaged in caste politics. What helped the Congress even more was the fact that other parties did not have a strong agenda. One of Samajwadi Party’s agenda was to remove computers and employ people to do the same work that is done by computers and this would subsequently increase employment. Well, this agenda must not have appealed to the masses.
However, a lot of work remains to be done. In this time of economic crisis, it becomes very important that efficient policies are devised and implemented. The Indian society has given clear mandate to the Grand Old Party of India. Now the onus is on the Congress leaders to ensure that India continues to enjoy the fruits of globalization and that the benefits are shared by all the sections of society. The youth brigade of the party should be given fair chance to end the corruption that is gripping all the spheres of the Indian system.
The time is really very challenging. The conventional ways are not relevant in modern times of globalization. Moreover, there are still some sections of society which have not been able to become a part of this development and aspire to become beneficiaries of this growth. The steps like NREGA are commendable but that is just the beginning. There is scope for introduction of new schemes like these. It should also be ensured that such efforts are not plagued by corruption.
Divya Sharma

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