The New Generation

Considering how health conscious our generation is, it comes to me as a matter of great surprise that we haven’t given enough consideration to what can be perhaps the gravest health condition of the youth today.
This being, the loss of the backbone. The sheer loss of any ability whatsoever to stand up. And obviously I don’t mean physically (Though perhaps, that too!)

Wouldn’t you agree?

We love. We fall in love. We fall truly, madly, deeply in love. But if our mothers and fathers don’t approve we re-consider. Not that I am advocating disrespect for family. But then again family comes first only in long-drawn, larger than life Bollywood movies. Which by the way, we ridicule!

We hate. We tell friends and foes about it. In private conversations. And the people we hate, we like. In public domains.

We’re friends. On facebook. Actually that could be a dated occurrence. We’re followers these days.

We’re hard-core fans of this one kickass rock band. At some points in time. And this other jazz group sometimes. And most other times, we like totally swear by house music. While, our scene so happens to be techno.

We don’t need to education. But we get it anyway! And though we were born smart and education ruined us, topping class becomes a mark of celebration. So, this is what I don’t get here, we’re celebrating that we were ruined in a better manner than everyone else?

We have glorious ambitions. We’re the next-gen Tatas and Ambanis. We belong to the Zuckerberg school of thought. We foster dreams of changing the game and starting up. And the MBA? Just in case. And just in case, that doesn’t work out well enough, there’s always back-up numbers 1, 2 and 3.

Is there something we believe in? Completely? Certainly? 100%? Anything at all? Could we, like Bob Marley sing, “get up, stand up” or are we capable only of sharing links to the latest jazzed up version?

Have we forgotten to stand up? Or is it that we have nothing to stand up for? Is there anything we could stake our lives for? Even if it was merely in theory?

Or are we just going to die, having found nothing to die for?

Poorva Agarwal

It’s tricky, isn’t it? To talk about oneself. That too, a bit. Which bit is relevant, I wonder. Should I talk about travelling, writing or dreams of researching social reality? Mention that I love to read, meet people and talk, talk, talk! Or that food excites me? Are the wonderful pleasures of being a sister a valid part of my description? Or is all this what I try to be, while I discover newer bits of myself ever so often…