The New MacBook

The first thought that comes to mind when one speaks of ultimate personal computing is Apple’s MacBook. A few months ago, Apple unveiled its new range of MacBooks. They’re being marketed under the tag of being environment friendly.


The sleek, slick user interface and the very efficient operating system are what make a Mac stand out from the crowd. But in the new Mac, Apple takes everyone’s dream notebook a level further. With OLED screens, the display is bright and doesn’t consume unnecessary electricity. The OS, Leopard, doesn’t crash frequently like Windows, and the whole silver (or black or white, if you prefer) space-age device is a pleasure to work with right from the beginning. Also, unlike Windows, Leopard does not run applications even when the computer’s idle, thus saving a lot of electricity even when your computer’s in Standby mode. Apple’s even packaging the Macs in smaller boxes. The reasoning: smaller boxes allow 25% more boxes to be shipped or airmailed at one time, reducing the number of crafts used, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Now can “environment savvy” get jazzier?


On the flipside, to be the proud owner of the new MacBook, one might need to go hungry for a month! Seriously, the new MacBooks start at $1100 and the MacBook Pros at $1999 in the US. In India, add tariffs and such, and voila-take a slice of the Apple home for just about under INR 80,000. The curious thing is that if you’re high on technology, you might achieve nearly as delicious computing as with Leopard by switching to Linux. There are several distributions that you can choose from, and tailor them to your needs because Linux is Open Source. Of course, doing that on a ratty old laptop wouldn’t be as adulterating, but it saves a lot of money. Personally, I would love to buy a MacBook; but only if I had a sugar daddy to pay for it. True, the gizmo is very good looking, very stylish, and the MacBook Pro is the machine you need for research or your enterprise, but if you can’t afford it, give it a skip; either wait for recession to take over (which technically though, wouldn’t enable you to buy even more easily), or switch to better non-Windows options, or save up for a while. And you have the moolah, go and get the best that’s out there.


Ahana Datta



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