The Notebook


Nicholas Sparks, a prolific writer, is an internationally acknowledged bestselling American Author, writing novels on themes such as Christianity, Romance, Fate and Affliction. His works include widely acknowledged bestsellers like “A Walk to Remember”, “Message In A Bottle”, “Rescue” and he has been greatly appreciated for his articulate and heartfelt work in each of them.

“The Notebook” is his tear- jerking piece of work with overwhelming romance gripping the readers’ attention till the end of it. It portrays an intimate love story between Noah and Allie, who portray two distinctive classes in the society. The novel opens up with an old wretched man reading a story to a woman about the love life of Noah and Allie and the surprise waits at the end of the novel with the disclosure of the identity of the old characters. Noah, the son of a carpenter, and Allie, highly aristocratic and sophisticated in her ways, fall in love in the early summers of 1942 and the tragedy comes by, when Allie leaves New Bern unexpectedly and inexplicably. The story moves on with Noah haunted by her memories, living on them and restoring the old plantation into a house that Allie always fancied. After fourteen years from then, Allie seems to have compromised with the circumstances and is seen engaged to the “perfect” guy, Lon, very professional in his ways, yet loves Allie, be her his second priority after career. The story eventually is seen to drift back the two lovers together when Allie, out of the blue, comes to see Noah. It had been fourteen years and yet her passion for him did not seem to dissipate. However, this time things were not the same. The gulf between the two could not be sidelined and the obstacles that once ended their relationship still seemed to persist. The impending marriage few weeks from then made Allie confront with her emotions and she was debarred by the present predicament to do what her heart prompted, yet their passion and profound emotions for each other evocated genuine empathy. She was faced by a gut wrenching decision. Their love is poignant and unreservedly treacle. The story continues to show if the two could make up together or not.

This work of Nicholas Spark is highly commendable. His use of non-pompous words made it easy for the readers to comprehend the novel and let them feel each and every word deep in the heart. It is a short novel, easily read and attention gripping. He did not drag out and dwell on any particular event. It has a swift pace throughout which allures the reader. His knack on putting a deep insight into emotions is what makes the novel beautiful. In this world, that is replete with divorces and materialism, Spark focuses on the concept of true love, beautifully explained. He tries to convey the message that true love endures all and persists, be it the darkest times of the life. First love can never be forgotten. It has the power to conquer every other facet of life and keeps blooming. He has affirmed marriage and commitment through his excellent piece of work and has treated the readers with his to be rightfully called masterpiece.

Spark got inspiration on writing this book from his wife’s grandparents. They had been together for sixty years and had intimately loved each other, a love that had deeply moved Spark and prompted him to put it on paper. He beautifully portrays those two characters and their convulsions that ultimately culminate into their getting together.

For all those romance seekers who skipped this legitimate love story, hold back! You missed just what you wanted. It is a must read for all of you.
Silky Agarwal

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