The Oil Factor

The highly controversial Bush regime has a lot of critics. One group among them is that of new age documentary-film makers. Spearheaded by Michael Moore, this group has always been ‘at it’ when it comes to Bush-bashing. Whether it was Fahrenheit 911 exposing unknown territory in The September 11 attacks or Sicko where Michael completely takes out the State health department, these documentaries have been constructive revelations. An Inconvenient Truth deserves mention, which fetched Mr. Al Gore -a democrat – the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts against Climate Change. This film dealt with the obstinacy and stubbornness of the American government against a change of policy on energy use and carbon emissions. However, none of those mentioned above were as refreshing, as convincing, and as path breaking as Gerard Unger Man and Audrey Brohy’s The Oil Factor.

The film exposes the hidden motives of the coalition forces behind Operation Iraqi Freedom, which was “Oil” – and lots of it. The Weapons of Mass Destruction that Saddam Hussein supposedly hid from the world are haven’t ever been discovered. It shows how all the contracts of rebuilding Iraq have gone primarily to American and Kurdish companies. The Iraqi people, who once thought that overthrowing Saddam was the best thing that Americans did to them, have now started regretting that. This becomes quite obvious after four years of chaotic stagnation. The insurgency has increased. The first thing that Americans did after invading Iraq was secure oilfields, and many nuclear installations are still unguarded because they were never a threat.

It was a pre-planned war for energy security under rising pressure from OPEC countries. The whole of Central, Western and parts of South-east Asia were included in this design of controlling the territory that accounts for three-fourths of oil supply in the world. This clarifies the recent setting up of American bases in Central and West Asian countries. Even the war against the Taliban was part of the very same design. The design also envisages setting up of a pipeline from Uzbekistan in central Asia to the Indian Ocean (American Ships) via Pakistan because alternate routes are blocked by Russia, China and Iran.

The Oil Factor puts into perspective a variety of anomalies. The American desperation in invading Iraq, its close proximity to Pakistan, Its growing support to other central Asian countries like Ukraine against Russia (another Oil rich country US can’t control), its ostracization first of Iraq and now Iran. The Superpower is now playing dirty and it has no choice. It is also getting desperate by the day because, just as I was finishing this article, the cost of an oil barrel touched an all-time high of 110$.

Prateek Kapil

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