The Ongoing Brutalities of Racism Against Indians Down Under

“I’ve come back, I don’t know what I’ll do”, asserts a very close friend of mine who like thousands of other aspiring Indian students have become victims of Australians’ outrage against the Indian society.These attacks have shattered the serenity of the country and it is no surprising matter because a major Indian student force resides there hoping to build a promising career. Attacks like these and several others that happened before in places like Canada and England have always been an astounding matter of concern for the Indian society.


However, this attack has more to it than merely racism. It has the hard core fact of the economic downturn now striking down the ‘Down Under’ and perturbing the minds of Australians due to shrunken job market. Such a mass movement shows short-sightedness of Aussies who fail to realize that an attempt like this will undoubtedly prove to be successful in desisting Indians to go to their country but the same will also tighten their very own pockets when humungous foreign exchange from India will impede and their economy will shrivel. Not only this, such attempts also lead to a reputation loss to their country, a true Down Under, both in terms of location and intentions. Such actions affect relation between the countries that can have several down-sided impacts.


However, something that is strange is that Australian universities consist of Chinese students, more than Indians. But, it’s the Indians who are targets of their covetousness and abhorrence. That’s where the racial factor comes into picture. We Indians have become soft targets for no fault of ours.


These perpetual incidences have been very alarming for the entire nation. The government really needs to do something about this issue. It is needed that the two countries sort the matter out as both countries will be at a loss if the situation is not taken care of. The cause and the incorrect intentions of Aussies need to be set right. After all, we are waiting for the world to accept us as equally valuable and respect deserving humans.


Jayati Khurana

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