The pathetic state of Indian children

Children are one of the most vulnerable sections of the Indian society. They are the building blocks of the nation and are still exploited to extremes. How can a country advance if its base itself is so weak? Due to the high population rate, majority of our population is still young.

Children are innocent, tender, shy, and these characteristics often lead to their exploitation. They are not only subjugated outside but also within families. One would find young children begging at almost every traffic light. They are seen as additional hands to earn in most of the households. Has anyone ever wondered what they feel and want? At the age when they should be studying, they do everything to make ends meet on a daily basis. What is literacy to them when even they need to struggle for basic survival? Many of them are sold off to brothels or are sold off as servants. Sadly, many of them are used to fulfill perverted sexual desires; this happens even within families. A father using his own daughters to satisfy himself is something which can only be called gross. Bitter as it is, this is the truth. A lot of our below twelve population is also engaged in domestic households as servants. Our law says encouraging child labor is an offence. But who cares? This is the attitude of most of us. Many families keep young boys and girls as servants even though they are educated enough to know that child labor is a punishable offence. Furthermore, these children are treated extremely cruelly. They are not given enough food and are made to do hard demanding work. In return, they get little pay and a lot beating.

Even well to do families sometimes do not treat their children properly. It happens that when both the parents are working, children are left to fend for themselves. They get no emotional support and the love and affection they crave for. Domestic violence is also a reality which many of us tend to overlook. Many fathers beat up their wives and then proceed to beat up their children. Children become victims of their parents’ frustration.

It is high time every person in the society understood the gravity of the situation. Children should be given a proper platform to fight against their exploitation. The laws should be made more stringent and it should be ensured that their implementation is not just on paper! Parents should feel responsible. Our efforts should be directed towards the education of the youth and a person can learn only when his mental state is in a balance. To help the country advance, we need to strengthen its base.

Aparna Vyas

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