The Photo Story

Don’t let photographs be stored in your computer or kept in an album forever. Bring life to them and see them on an enlarged format by canvas printing. There is a whole range of unique styles and effects that can be added to your photo to make them look extra special.


If you have several great photos that you want to be printed on one canvas, the best option for you is a collage. Collages are a way of displaying multiple photos on one canvas print. This group of photos may tell a story. They can be made on any canvas size so you can provide as many photos as you want. Perfect to be displayed at home, office or galleries.

Black and White

Use black and white effects on your photos for a more classic look. Black and white canvas prints look striking. They also draw eyes quickly like any other colored canvases. This type of canvas print is commonly used for weddings, birthdays and baby photos. They are also greatly appreciated as gifts.


This is another way to transform personal photos into a stylish canvas print. Sepia is often seen as older photos where they have a brown tone to them. Using this effect can make new photos look like classic older photos. You’ll get soft toned or a vintage look to pictures of kids when they were young, romantic memories or any other images you want to send back in time.

Color Splash

This approach converts your photo into black and white except for the focal point or subject of your photo which you want to be in full color. It creates a dynamic image by contrasting a wide range of colors. You can highlight flowers, clothes, creatures, faces or anything you like. The result is a brilliant canvas print! This won’t work on objects that don’t have much color in them or on large undefined areas.

Pop Art

For those who want a fun and funky way to display portraits in your home or office, choose pop art designs for your canvas prints. They can make great gift ideas. This style involves isolating objects from their environment and arranging them in new surroundings. Warhol, Banksy, Che, and Posterize are the four main types of pop art prints and each one offers plenty of character and colour.

Whatever the style of your canvas print is, you’ll surely end up with an amazing work of art suitable to be given as gift or to be displayed in your home or office. Just make sure that you choose the ideal canvas printing company that prints quality canvases that will meet your needs and requirements.

Ankita Sachdev