The Playstation3

Adding a new dimension to the world of gaming, comes the latest version of the Playstation 3, released by Sony, the Japanese Technological giant. This ubiquitous gaming console was one of its kinds. The PS 1 version took the world by a storm, during its maiden release in the year 1994. The gaming fraternity then expanded not only gizmo freak kids, but also their curious dads, wanting to test this exciting handheld device.


The early genius of the concept of Playstation dates back to 1986. Nintendo had been attempting to work with the disc technology but faced the copyright infringement danger. This was due to the fact that the rewritable magnetic data could be easily erased and hence lacked durability. Sony Computer Entertainment released the Playstation 3 of the Playstation series, the successor to PS 2, which is the third home video game console of the enterprise. The company markets it as PS 3 and in the market for computer entertainment, the PS 3 competes with Microsoft’s Xbox360 and Nintendo’s Wii. All of them belong to the seventh generation of video game consoles. First released on the 11th November, 2006, the PS 3 recorded a stunning sales figure of 21.3 million units worldwide by December, 2008.


The predecessors of PS 3 depended on game developers for online play. With the PS 3, Sony introduced its unified online gaming service, the PlayStation Network. Other major highlights of the PS 3 include its robust multimedia capabilities, improved connectivity with the PlayStation Portable ( PSP ). It used a high-definition optical disc format, Blu-ray Disc. The PS3 went on to become the first Blu-ray 2.0-compliant Blu-ray player in the market. Sony has included the ability for the Systems Software to be updated by directly downloading these updates from the PlayStation Network, and subsequently installing them. PS3 also has the ability to install other operating systems like Linux.


The PS 3 was launched worldwide in two different models: a basic model with 20 GB hard drive and an advanced model with a configuration of 60 GB hard drive and several additional features. The console is now available in 5 different hardware models, the size of which is determined by the included hard disc drive namely, “20”, “40”, “60”, “80” and “160” GB models.


Initially priced at US$499 and US$599 for the 20 GB and 60 GB models respectively, the PS 3 was sold incurring loses. Later, it was manufactured at about US$400 and covered the production costs.


Technology has revamped various aspects of our day-to-day life. Gaming and video-consoling can be touted as a luxury within reach of the uptown class. These gadgets are capable of inducing addiction in the youth. They spend many hours of a day, being glued to the high resolution screens, thus detached from the world of ‘human’ friends and family. They tend to become introvert and lack sentiments at times. Exposure to a gadget for a long duration also poses health hazards. Posture and vision problems can be developed at an early stage, which can get aggravated later. Survey results claim that increased gaming has lead to broken relationships amongst the youth. The females complain that their spouses or partners give them less time as compared to the gaming console! That leaves me to conclude that gaming can be a hobby not a habit.


Priya Ganesh Amrute

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