The Poetess Inside Me

There is a poetess inside me,
She erupts out and creates havoc like the tides rise in the
big sea.
She can touch others with her words and open the locked door
without a key.

She walks slow and is always lost in her dreams,
She is a part of me but completely different at the same
She stands at a separate level and understands an unknown
You will find her deep inside my eyes hidden in the dark

She jumps with happiness and sobs simultaneously,
She is known among few and her true picture is a mystery

She comes out when I feel that something is wrong,
She doesn’t believe in anyone but always sings her own song.
She can jump high and bend low,
She loves to sing with the sparrow and dances with the crow.

She is truthful, pristine and there is a twinkle in her eye,
When I walk in the sun she follows me but she is a bit shy.
Ask her any question and she will answer it in her poetic
She can talk to the trees and flies with the birds.

You cannot influence her nor can you bend her,
She is a true orthodox feminist who is not afraid of the world.
She doesn’t show up to everybody,
There are very few who can see her inside me.

Though I haven’t explored her to the fullest extent,
But my patience lets her experiment.
She aspires to touch the zenith and stay there forever,
She has to be careful as the world is full of people who are
super clever.

She resides within me and I am happy to have her,
She is a true friend who always follows me at every moment
whether I am climbing a mountain or crossing a curve.

Swinder Kaur