The Pursuit of Happyness

Released on 15 December,2006 –‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ is a one hour 57 minutes movie, directed by Gabriel Muccino and written by Steve Conrad , starring Will Smith as Chris Gardner, Thandie Newton as Linda (Chris’ wife) and Will Smith’s own son Jaden Christopher Syre Smith as his 5-year old son Christopher. The title finds its spelling from the Christopher’s day care center Happyness. The movie manifests one man’s unwavering life struggle in his pursuit of happiness and an endearing relationship between a father and son. The movie is inspired by a true story of Chris Gardner who was among San Francisco’s working homeless class in the early 80’s but manages to bring himself as well as his son out of the adverse conditions.


Chris Gardner is an energetic and a very hardworking salesman. He has employed his family’s money in bone density scanners, which provide a better image than an x-ray but at a very high price. He therefore fails to make the required sales. Under the financial pressures, Linda, his wife deserts him and also leaves behind their five year old son Christopher with Chris. To further add to his tribulations, he is evicted from his San Francisco’s apartment and has to search shelter daily. But Chris is a man of hope and optimism. Amidst the hardships, he does not lose his confidence and makes every possible move to provide his son a better living. He enrolls himself with an unpaid six months internship in a prestigious stock brokerage firm, at the end of which if he proves himself will give him a job of a stock broker. He sees it as an antidote for all their afflictions and works therefore very sincerely for it, so as to leave no stone unturned but not forgetting his responsibilities as a father along with it.


As the story progresses, Chris emerges as a refined personality who has the art of striking a balance between work and his responsibilities as a father. But financially he still remains poor. The scene in the movie, where his boss asks him for the change to pay to the taxi driver drives an emotion of pity among the viewers, leaving their eyes dampened. Barring all the difficulties, Chris proved himself by earning himself the job of the stock broker in the most prestigious stock brokerage firm. In his pursuit of happiness, Chris emerges as a model of persistence, who not only clings to his dreams but also fulfills them.


The strength of the movie is its story. It is the story of a common man and his hardships to earn the very basics of his life, but then Chris has the ability to stand those challenges. The story has been very beautifully portrayed by Will Smith as Chris Gardner. But the most important aspect of the movie is the father son relationship. Gabriel Muccino has brought across the fatherly love in a manner which touches the heart of the viewers. The movie leaves a message of hope, optimism and hard work as Chris, the main character and the strength of the movie struggles incessantly to pursue his goals.. Will Smith’s character has gained acclaim all over the world. The movie has been rated as PG-13 as it includes certain adult scenes. It is a must watch for one and all for the brilliant storyline, splendid performance and the feel of optimism that it gives to all its viewers.


Sheenam Munjral

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