The World is Queer

No discrimination, equal rights, same job opportunities, similar public accommodation. When it comes to gay rights, we pretend to support their equal treatment in the society, at least in metropolitan cities. But when it comes to gay marriage rights, the enthusiasm kind of fades out. The equality talk then shuts down and is overtaken by a dead silence.

Though a lot of people support gay rights, they don’t show the same concern towards their marriages. If followed by some religious book, gay marriage is termed as a sinful act as it is against the law of nature and the one who commits this sin shall not seek place in the Kingdom of God.

Some of the Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia have death sentence for homosexual behaviour, according to the Sharia.

Homosexual relations in India are still a crime under section 377 of the Indian Penal Code under provisions of unnatural sex and sodomy. Homosexuality has existed in the society since time immemorial, but it was never socially accepted. Maybe it was due to the various misunderstanding on what gay relationships are all about. The stereotype says that gay relations are promiscuous, unable to form a long lasting union and are shallow as well as uncommitted. Which might be possible, but the fact is that such relationships are there in the ‘straight’ world too. Only difference is that they are not penalised. Older gay men do seek for a lasting union with a companion and seek for love and affection.

Another stereotype related to homosexuality is that people think that gays have a choice in who they can feel attracted to, but the reality is quite different. Many people think that gays could easily choose to be heterosexual but, in reality, very few have this choice. According to some extremist religious ideologies, homosexuality is nothing else but sex. Gay relationships like other normal relationships are based on mutual attraction, love and affection. Sex is only a form of expressing their compassion and feeling towards one another.

When the Canadian government legalized gay marriages, there was a strong revolt on the Indian soil by the supreme Sikh religious body, the Akal Takht, who issued an edict condemning gay marriages and told Sikhs in Canada not to allow this ‘sinful act’ in the gurdawaras. If a law favouring the homosexual union passed in a country having a different time zone can be so strongly opposed, one can only imagine what chaos it will create on the same soil. When asked, that is exactly what the PM commented, “There would not be much appreciation for a law like that in India.”

According to the Cuban law, there are quite a few reasons why the queer marriages are opposed. Firstly, it shakes up the whole institution of marriage, which is a union between a man and a woman. My only argument here is that who has defined marriage? Secondly, same sex couples aren’t the optimum environment in which to raise children. Thirdly, gay relationships are immoral and their will be no ensuring the continuation of species. This one’s a bit funny because infertile couples are allowed to tie the knot and are not castigated.

There are many reasons that one can cite, but lets get down to the real reason now, the main point here is that the people are just not comfortable with the whole idea. They consider it as a ludicrous thought. Secondly, it defies everything religion stands for. Christianity, Islam, Judaism all oppose homosexuality in their religious books. Hinduism is the only liberal religion on this fact. The kama sutra devotes a whole chapter on the third nature.

If murderers, molesters, criminals, all are allowed to form the sacred union, then why not the homosexuals? Practically, gay marriages, to a great extent,, will reduce promiscuous sex among gays, which in turn will reduce the spread of STDs.

Being gay is a part of that person’s core identity and is a part of the very centre of his being. For all of us, they might be different, but from the other side of the fence, maybe we are the ones sounding queer.

Aakanksha Ahluwalia

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