The Quest for ‘The Question’

srk.bmpOne will find the lay man preacher discussing the pitiable state of Indian governance. India is a democratic country –“for the people, by the people, of the people”. Every election, there is a promise made and later broken; a thing so common that it feels like it is the part and parcel of the fight for the “seat of supreme power”. The world will change with time, with the latest discoveries, inventions and technology replacing the existing ones, but the face of Indian politics, in all probability, looks dead set against amendments.

A Times of India initiative “Lead India”, promises to bring a new era of politics, to leave no stone unturned. If you would have faced the wrath of media exposure, then you would understand the extent of hype that can be created by journalists. The Times Group, a major media house has its expectations high with the launch of this campaign. It hopes to create enough media coverage with the help of other organisations, so as to catapult the contestants to the nationwide publicity, to present the winner of the campaign as a leader, as a beacon of light for the future of India.

These days’ media and politics are like blood brothers. They exist on each other like parasites. This is how TOI hopes to have this “people’s person” step into the mudslinging world of the politicians. With quite an investment already done in this campaign, which involves famous names starring in short clippings, activities held at various venues and articles doing their round of work in their newspaper itself and a dedicated website for the purpose; they seem to be quite sure of inspiring people to take part in the campaign so that they could do some good to the nation.

But is standing up against the mighty tyrants of the Indian governance enough? Would winning a public campaign, attending a leadership course in some renowned institute abroad and helping an NGO with the finances provided be enough to “Lead India”?

Studies conducted by TOI show that the qualities the Indian public is looking is for a leader and not a dealer, honesty over efficiency, an educated person. Has mankind forgotten the saying –“charity begins at home.”? Every individual does indulge in politics at least once in his lifetime. Then, how can one expect the apex to have a clean record? What education is the public talking about? The present education system which exists to increase the literacy rate and provide individuals with degrees? Does one actually believe that the winner will be the chosen one?

People look for answers. But who shall ask the questions? Everyone indulges in mudslinging. Everyone is ready to be a part of the action but not the action. Everyone waits for someone to lead. And this is where the power-hungry take advantage.

Ever wondered that even small things can hurt a lot? Try sitting on a pin. You will find a defective product –if the price paid for it is meager, I doubt anyone will send a feedback to the company, forget about registering a complain at the nearest consumer court for something drastic. This is India. The India that is pulling back the India that wants to reach new heights of glory and reclaim the ancient title of “the golden bird”.

The question is still unanswered. But the “million dollar” question is –do you know the question?

Sahil Khan