The Question

She was bored. The music was pumping. The drinks were flowing. And she was dressed to kill. She stood in front of the bar, running her eyes over the couple’s who were slow dancing along with the pace of the music and then she saw him.

He stood tall, in a pale satin pink shirt and black linen pants. She could not quite figure out his face, as he was enveloped in the darkness. However, something about him attracted her, in a sudden impulse she thought He resembled her prince charming. Keenly observing him, she ordered her fifth drink. She could understand in her head that something was making her go weak for that unknown man, with every gulp of her drink she was drowning deeper in his thoughts… Madhu wondered who this stranger might be? She could not let go of his thought for an instance and was staring blankly at the
silhouette of the man as if assuming that he would somehow turn out to be her
Mr. Right in real.

Madhu felt she had crossed her drinking limits but, today somehow she was content getting drunk!!

Was it because of him?? But she doesn’t even know who he was. Then why was she happy??

“Am Rishi – Rishi Malhotra…can I have a dance with you?”

She was lost in her own thoughts about him, when suddenly his hoarse manly voice cut her. For sometime she thought it was just a chunk of her imagination that has forced her to see him in front of her.

She smiled and turned to her. “Madam! He is calling you” nudged the bartender
to her. Madhu wasn’t in a state to react, she just jolted up and stood on the floor, next to her chair. The next thing she knew was that she was dancing with the stranger, she had been admiring all this while. She found herself floating on the dance floor, she just felt she was living her dream at the moment. Every moment was exotic and ethereal to her and she could not for once contemplate, what was happening. The evening had already made her numb and then the drinks had just soothed and relaxed her nerves to
such an extent that she could just not feel any impulse. Rishi was just not an
ordinary man to her anymore, she had already regarded him as an attractive
stranger and now he has just become a prince to her. She kept her eyes closed
and kept travelling through her dream that had turned into reality.

“Damn! You are very beautiful!”

Those petty comments didn’t matter to her at that moment, when she was actually living and experiencing her dreams. She could feel the heat of his body in hers. His touch felt so intoxicating that Madhu kept on getting immersed in his thoughts more and more. He was more like a passion fruit to her, which she was biting into every moment to quench her
thirst for that companion.

“Rishi where were you all these years??” Madhu asked in a demanding tone.

Madhu was getting turned on with every kiss from him.

She never knew she could get so aroused just by a man’s touch. Every second they spent together, he became more real to her.

She just swayed away with him, without even stopping to think what was

Madhu only knew that she was experiencing her life’s best moments. She never knew how long it would last and she did not even want to know as well. But her momentary pleasure filled her with bliss. The entire feeling was divine. And Rishi? She did not know how to actually draw out his personality. She was just a part of everything that was happening, and for the time she felt, he was more unreal and resumed the face of God! He resembled dreams in more concrete ways rather than reality.

How could a stranger a moment ago feel so close the next?? Madhu wondered. She did not want to waste her time just looking for answers and that too when she knew in her heart that this was what she had expected of her man for all these years.

However, she couldn’t stop herself and kept on searching for answers in the midst of the night, but in vain. It was really hard for her to concentrate and drive her attention to something else when she was way too busy walking the paths of her imagination with this stranger for the night. Even though, she was losing herself to this man but, she did not know what tomorrow had in store. Analysis, thoughts, reality and even logic has
somewhere got blurred for her and faded out from her memory in to the
distant past.


“Madam your chauffeur’s here!” the house keeping staff nudged her to make her alert.

Madhu woke up with a jerk. She could not for a few minutes understand anything.

Where is she? What is she doing here?  What happened the previous night? She started sorting out these questions slowly in her mind, when the recollection of her dream the
night before brought a smile on her lips!!


Madhu shifts her position inside the car. She is unable to sit with ease. She has never been used to discomfort this way. She has been bearing with this pain and unease for quite sometime now. However, a sudden change in a woman makes her quite steady with time and Madhu is no exception. She has learnt to behave more like a woman with the passage of time, and has put on a check to a few of her unruly habits.

She always keeps a few cushions handy in her car these days. Her gynecologist has advised her to be a bit cautious these days.

Three months into her pregnancy, Madhu has become quite conscious about herself. It’s her first baby after all…


Is this Rishi’s baby? Was that night reality or dream?

Anurima Das