The Quintessential Indian Women

Excess of anything is poisonous…Be it love, devotion, dedication and other synonyms ..Devotion should never cost you your dignity…But its lamentable that in our country allegiance demands dignity….particularly of the woman devotee , Margaret Elizabeth noble quoted in her book “the web of Indian life”. “Indian brides comes to her their husband much as the western woman might enter a church. Their love is a devotion , to be offered in a secret”

A woman in Indian society gives more than what she is capable of to her husband and his family and is still in debt. Her devotion is divine…giving yet never expecting ….But the sad part of the truth is her devotion is rarely valued…A bride in Indian culture is no better than a maid servant……no denial times have changed … India hasve experienced a lot ofmany revolutionary seasons…..but the reality remains the same for most of the woman..

A woman in Indian setup commands respect till the time she is capable of producing, satisfying men…..and above all acts subservient to the opposite gender.. Anyone who tries to voice against all these indignities is tagged “masculine”…”undignified”……

Creeper the word that strikes me first when i I think of the quintessential indian Indian women…as the creeper girdle an object for support so is the pitiable condition of our indian Indian women…who always have to hem in or environ their husband ….. and the irony is that the society expects such a behaviour to be a women’s quidity. isn’tIsn’t such an expectation shady?

Quietism on part of the gender is more quizzical….down the ages no matter how literate a woman is she succumbs to such prejudiced demands and this is all the more stymie….Are the times really swinging? well Well i I don’t think so… who is to be held felonious of the careworn title of the womenfolk womenfolk….., definitely the gender herself is at fault…..

The onus lies with the fairer sex to break through the stinking contemplation as mere objects of pleasure……. it is really dissapointingdisappointing to witness that over the years no matter how much hue and cry , the objectification of women have escalated …..women today are regarded as subjective beings without thoughts…..the indian Indian woman has been completely stripped off all human worth and reduced to an actual sexual object ,whose only objective is to provide sexual and reproductive services for the patriarchy ……!

What is required of the woman folk is to embark on a life more worthwhile , more august ….to gouge deep in life and not waste it by giving in to vassalage of the opposite gender … slammering ourselves we are disparaging our very existence.

Neha Raghuvanshi